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What Are You Trying To Achieve?

By Health Published on July 26, 2018 Updated on August 27, 2018
What Are You Trying To Achieve

Most companies will try to sell you their products as soon as you show interest.

However, often times you don’t even know if you want or need these products (this is especially true when it comes to health supplements).

I was guilty of the same mistake in the early days of Herbolab.

What Are you Trying To Achieve With Supplements?

Anyone could come to my website and buy the products, and I would ship the products with no questions asked.

Then after a month, I would drop them an email to check how they liked them. Unfortunately, some customers told me that they didn’t get the effects they were looking for.

Following up with these customers I discovered 3 main reasons why the products didn’t produce the effects they hoped:

(1) inconsistent usage
(2) unrealistic expectations
(3) the problem they wanted to fix was caused by something else than the age-related decline

Is it their fault because they didn’t read all the information before purchasing?

Some people might think so, but I think that the seller also has the responsibility of making sure their customers make an informed purchase.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you, since you visited Herbolab I assume you might be interested in improving your sexual health.

I’d like to know specifically what are you looking for to check if our products can benefit you or not.

What are you trying to achieve?

Just fill out the form on our contact page and let me know.

All the best.


Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc

About Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc

Fran Sanchez, founder of Herbolab, graduated from Uppsala University (Sweden) with a master in molecular biology and Karolinska University (Sweden) with a degree in medical sciences and business. He then moved to Singapore to run e-commerce operations in a pharmaceutical company, until eventually he could fulfil his dream of creating a brand dedicated to help men reach their peak performance. Drawing on his experience as a lifelong multi-sport athlete and cutting edge medical and scientific research, Fran launched herbolab tongkat ali as flagship supplement in April of 2014. Fran now spend most of his time weight lifting and creating content dedicated to improve people’s lives.

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