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Lower Estrogen And Boost Testosterone: The Art of Manliness

By January 16, 2017Men, Sexual Health

For a man to function at his best, estrogen must be controlled and kept in the right range. If you suspect your estrogen levels are high, dont panic, there are a few effective ways to lower estrogen levels naturally.

Just mentioning the word estrogen to some can conjure up enough negative imagery to lead to widespread panic and condemning statements like “estrogen is harmful to the body” being spouted.

Should you really do everything you can to completely avoid this hormone? Or is the real key to optimum internal function and sex drive all about moderating estrogen levels as opposed to completely eradicating them?

It turns out – it’s actually the latter. You need estrogen for important functions like bone maintenance and repair in conjunction with other vital elements like the suppression of excess body fat. This obviously means that you don’t want it gone all together.

So how do you actually control your estrogen count and ensure that it doesn’t affect your sex life as well as your ability to maintain lean muscle mass and basically live your life in as manly a state as possible?

Read on to find out more!

Top ways to lower estrogen in your body

Ensuring estrogen doesn’t override your system is all about maximising your testosterone levels – there are numerous ways in which you can do this, and it’s likely going to take a combination of several elements to optimise your test levels on the whole.

Some changes can be implemented immediately to swing the balance back in your favour, whereas other aspects will need to be sourced externally via your nutrient intake and supplements.

Are you ready to find out what some of the most effective methods of controlling estrogen are? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Test boosters

There is a wide array of testosterone boosters available on the market to help increase your natural levels, thus ensuring that estrogen can’t prevail as the dominant hormone. However, there are many ineffective test boosters out there.

You should really use a natural, tried and tested herbal extract product like Herbolab Tongkat Ali, as opposed to going for some of the dubious mass marketed variants out there on offer by the high profile sports supplement companies.

Anything that has been sourced from nature and has been used for decades (in some cases even centuries) to enhance one’s “manliness” is always going to be your safest bet.

Tongkat Ali is a traditional medicinal herb from Malaysia has has been shown to be very potent at not only reducing estrogen levels, but also boosting free testosterone and lowering stress. It will deliver realistic results via completely natural means as opposed to things such as steroids messing with your internal biochemistry and potentially causing you harm or at the very least leading to wasted cash.

2. Avoid having too much of these food types

Believe it or not, estrogen is actually contained in a lot of the food we eat – it’s obviously not human estrogen, but the form of phytoestrogen these foods contain can actually lead to a spike in our own estrogen production.

You shouldn’t completely cut out these food types, but they do need to be consumed in low amounts:

  • Soy and soy related products
  • Beans
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Lentils
  • Sesame seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Licorice root
  • Bourbon
  • Beer

This list isn’t fully comprehensive but it gives you a good overview of the food types to moderate. If you’re estrogen levels are very high at the moment, consider trying some natural estrogen blocking supplements as well.

3. Consider getting more sleep

There’s nothing worse for your testosterone levels than a lack of sleep.

“I literally must have had 3 hours sleep last night…I’m just so busy!” – sounds familiar doesn’t it? Either you or someone you know will have said this.

As strange as it sounds – not sleeping much is often associated with overachievers…if you’re gullible. In reality, it’s incredibly damaging and you’d actually get far more done if you slept more.

When you lose out on sleep (you should never really have any less than 7+ hours a night) it’s been shown that you’re very likely to suppress your body’s natural ability to maximise test release.

When you were younger – you may have worn a lack of sleep with pride. Now that you’re older and wiser; you should know it’s just plain dumb, not to mention damaging.

Manage your schedule however you can to ensure that you get that all important shut eye.

4. Eat MORE of these food types for lower estrogen…

Whereas some food types increase estrogen production, others increase testosterone production and maximise your ability to do everything from perform to your fullest extent in the bedroom to burning your excess body fat more efficiently.

If you want to ensure your natural testosterone levels remain at a constant high-point; eat more of the following items:

  • More leafy green and cruciferous vegetables
  • Raw eggs
  • Nuts
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Red meat

As per our estrogen high food list – this list doesn’t contain every testosterone boosting food type available but it does give an accessible overview of the items you should be including more of. As you might have figured out already, emphasis is on healthy fats.

5. Reduce your body fat levels

Studies have shown that increased levels of body fat can actually assist in the production of estrogen – view this as a vicious circle whereas one component feeds into the other thus ensuring both elements can co exit together. Therefore, to lower estrogen efficiently one must lower the body fat content.

It’s important that you reduce your body fat to a healthy level if you want to ensure that your estrogen count is as low as possible – this will also mean that it’s easier to keep the stuff off when it’s gone because there won’t be a huge influx of estrogen to keep it in place.

It really is a win-win situation.

6. Perform regular exercise

Regular exercise (especially resistance training) has been linked with boosting the body’s natural testosterone count – making this simple implementation alone could be all you need to bring your estrogen count back in line.

Being that many people don’t exercises anywhere near as regularly as they should, it’s easy to see why they might suffer from a lack of “flare” in the bedroom if they’re living a sedentary lifestyle.

You should really aim to incorporate all of the above tips to not only keep your estrogen levels in check, but also to maximise your testosterone release as this is going to lead to optimum body performance in almost every area – there are many other useful little tricks to work with out there, but this list aims to cover some of the most vital.

Consider that your natural ability to produce testosterone is going to start declining when you reach the age of 30 onwards – this means that the contents of this article could be absolutely vital if you’re say 40 or above and can’t place your finger on why things have become a little “dull” lately; it might just be your age, and if that’s the case then every single one of the above tips will help.

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