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Natural penis enlargement: What Works and What doesn’t

By September 7, 2015Men

Since the inception of mankind men are more or less worried about their penis size that has given rise to a multi-million dollar global industry. Despite of many men’s anxiety of their penis size research shows that most men’s penises are normal and there is nothing to worry about. On the flip side, it is hardly possible to find a man who doesn’t wish for an inch or two growth of his penis. This is probably why hundreds of myths and clinically unproven methods have been buzzing around the market most of which are dubious and ineffective.

Anatomy of the penis

Knowing penis anatomy allows you to get useful insight into sex. Internally, the penis consists of two cylindrical tubes ‘Corpora Cavernosa’ that run throughout the penis, the urethra that is responsible for expelling both urine and sperm, a couple of main arteries, several veins & nerves. The shaft is the longest part of the penis that is opened in glans penis.

Corpora Cavernosa: Like mentioned before, these are two chambers containing spongy tissues that fill most of the penis. Along with spongy tissues these chambers also include open spaces and several veins & arteries. Erection occurs when Corpora Cavernosa become engorged with blood.

Urethra: Urine and sperm both travel through urethra. Urethra actually travels through the underside of the penis beneath the Corpora Cavernosa and opens at the head of the penis (glans).

Corpus Spongiosum: This is the chamber that surrounds the urethra. Just like Corpora Cavernosa this chamber also becomes engorged with blood during erection.

The Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum are responsible for what we call penis enlargement. More precisely, penis width is subject to Corpora Cavernosa while the depth/length of the penis is subject to Corpus Spongiosum. The basic idea behind penis enlargement is to break penis tissue in the micro-tear level by jelqing or some other methods. The natural response of our body heals that tearing by generating new tissues. Understandably, the penis will have more tissues now than before which leads to the enlargement of the penis. The process goes on and on repeatedly until one can satisfy with his penis size. This is the basic idea behind penis enlargement that penis anatomy actually supports.

Natural penis enlargement methods that are well practiced

Manual penis exercises: This is the most ancient technique for penis enlargement which is fairly popular till now. The technique is also known as jelqing that involves applying force to the penis shaft by using thumb and index finger in semi-erect condition. This repeated pulling will increase the blood capacity of the penis’s erectile tissue that results into enhanced length & girth of the penis.

Synthetic injections: There are several types of intra-corporeal injections available in the market that causes dilation of the penis arteries. Erection strength of the penis depends on the drugs that are being injected. Only high quality drugs can provide a firm erection. However, these synthetic injections do very little for a true penis enlargement.

Vacuum devices: These devices contain a tube that is placed over the penis and then pump out the air to create a vacuum. The empty place gets fulfilled by blood and makes the penis swell. This technique is mostly used for the short term treatment of impotence.

Penile extenders: This is done by placing a small extending frame (often called traction device) on the semi-erect or flaccid penis to stretch it.

Penis enlargement pills & lotions: Penis enlargement pills actually contain minerals, vitamins and hormones which are believed to enhance the length & girth of the penis. The outcome of these pills and lotions vary greatly from person to person. Only high quality pills are suggested for consumption in order to increase your libido and length of penis.

Penile augmentation surgery: The most common type of surgery is division of the penile suspensory ligament. The procedure involves performing a skin graft at the base of the penis after cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. With this process penis can be lengthened up to 3cm. There is another kind of surgical procedure where fat taken from other parts of the body is injected into the penis. This is mainly done for the purpose of increasing the penis girth.

Natural penis enlargement methods that claim to work but actually don’t

Penis surgery: Many of us think that this is the most certain way of penis enlargement. But the fact is surgeries are the most dangerous way because it may cause life altering injury to your sexual organ. Loss of sensation, impotence, deformed looking shaft, painful erections are just some of the complications arises from surgery. 

Pumps & tubes: These are just one more ways to cash in on your vulnerabilities or egos. Most of these devices are not only ineffective but also dangerous to use. If you pump too hard or too long it may cause permanent damage to the penis. Even in worst cases inner blood vessels may burst due to excessive pumping.

The exercises: Some marketers claim that they have that ‘bigger dick’ exercise with them. These exercises don’t do anything about penis enlargement because human penis is not made of muscle. Such exercises actually work on the muscles of prostate gland and urinary tract.

Liposuction: This is another surgical procedure that involves removal of fat deposit from abdomen area. Removal of extra fat can make the penis look longer. But this is a short time solution if a man starts to consume food recklessly again after the liposuction. And in true sense, this method doesn’t increase the penis size at all. As abdomen fats are removed it gives you a feel of large penis.   

Natural penis enlargement methods that actually work

Penis weights: This is an age-old method of penis enlargement that brings significant outcome. Men used to attach heavy substances (like stones) with the help of a cord at the end of their penis and sit somewhere everyday for hours. Although this technique works very well you need to dedicate at least 2-3 hours every day so that the weight can enhance the length of the penis.

The traction ‘Extender’: This device has proven as the most effective physical method for permanent penis enlargement. These are so good that they are medically endorsed more than 20 countries around the world. Extenders work on the same principle as weights but the good part is you are in a position to apply a steady & gentle pull on the penis. Moreover, you are able to wear this type of traction extender under your clothes without restricting your natural movements.

Jelqing: This is another manual form of penis enlargement technique that is very useful. This involves continuous stretching of flaccid penis by using the thumb and index finger in order to increase the erection size. This technique enlarges the penis by increasing the blood containing capacity of Corpora Cavernosa’s spongy tissues. Jelqing also enhance the size of the penis by increasing the number of tissues inside the penis shaft.

Penis enlargement programs: while they are not a method by themselves, there are a well proven programs in the market that are reported to work. Check our 3 Best Programs For Penis Enlargement (2016 Updated).

Penis enlargement pills

According to a wrong assumption by most men pills permanently increase penis size even when the penis remains in flaccid state. However, the fact is pills increase size only when the penis is in erect state. Pills dilate the blood vessels inside penis and thus enhancing blood flow.

Pills also increase the blood-holding capability of penis’s spongy tissues that translates into long lasting erection and intense orgasm. Lastly, pills boost the testosterone production that increases men’s libido.

There are hundreds of pills out there in the market—some increase depression, some cut your pockets for nothing. Only few high quality pills are reported to work.

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