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3 Best Programs For Penis Enlargement (2018 UPDATED)

By December 7, 2016Men
programs for penis enlargement

Are you looking for the best programs for penis enlargement? There are all sorts of ebooks, courses and videos out there claiming to be one of the best programs for penis enlargement. We’ve distilled the many down to 3 of the best programs for penis enlargement that we recommend you consider.

Should I Get One of These Programs for Penis Enlargement?

Good question.

Guys may have all sorts of differences when it comes to taste in women, cars, or sports teams but we can all agree on one thing: We want to have a big penis. That’s not like it’s all we think about but I’m just saying if we end up with World War 3, it wouldn’t be because some guys like a smaller dick. Seriously, men are just more aesthetic when it comes to body parts and even if women denied it, they prefer a man who has another man down there.

Now that we can all agree that people just adore the idea of a towering penis, we now go bother ourselves with working on how to enlarge it and it’s a man’s bane, to be honest. I mean, if we wanted bigger biceps we curl. If we wanted bigger quads we squat. What if we want to have a bigger dick? You can’t exactly use your dick to lift (or can you?!) so how do we get it growing?

Penis Enlargement Methods

The first answer would probably be how girls get bigger boobs: going under the knife. Yeah, it’s the easy way out but while some of us can afford it, the thought of having a doctor potentially slice our dicks open or inject something in there scares me shitless. Come on, it’s our manhood down there, the very thing that makes us worth dating. We lose that, we’re gone bro.

The other and probably most frowned upon way is to enlarge it naturally. It’s  frowned upon because lots of people think every penis enlargement book are all scams. Well guess what? A lot of them are but we did the dirty work for you fellas and reviewed not one, not two, but three of the best programs for penis enlargement that will work for your Woody Woodpecker.

1. Grow Your Penis Fast

What They Say:

The Grow Your Penis Fast program adds size to your penis by using traction to assist the human body’s natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.

By exposure to a durable and regular traction, the cells in the penis chambers, tunica and suspensory ligament’s begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue length and mass.

Your penis adapts to the traction by growing until there is no more force being exerted. More force are then applied to increase traction again and allow the penis to increase in size some more. This process continues until you reach your length goal.

What We Think:

This is one popular enlargement program mainly because of the name itself. Come on, who doesn’t want to grow their penis fast? We went ahead and signed up for the program and asked a volunteer to try it out and this will be how we’ll do it for the rest of the reviews.

Our volunteer said it works. The 4 inches thing might take longer (no pun intended) than what the program tells you. It did grew his by an inch and a half which is pretty promising. One inch is promising since we all know the people who sell stuff like this are mostly scammers. So the legit ones are definitely diamonds in a whole shitload of rough. He says the massages and exercises were definitely things he hasn’t tried yet. He said they were interesting and not painful at all.

While we like it because it works, we don’t like the price which is pretty steep compared to other programs. Nonetheless, it works and it’s natural so buy it if you can afford it.

2. Penis Manual

What They Say:

In a few minutes, you will learn a revolutionary penis enlargement technique that is not available anywhere in the world. What’s special about the technique that I am going to share with you is that you don’t need anything but your hands and some time to make it work.

You don’t need to take pills that come with dangerous side effects. Also, you don’t need to use pumps that do not work at all and you don’t need to use weights that can possibly injure your penis. Most importantly, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars for a surgical procedure that could mangle your manhood permanently.

What We Think:

One of our volunteers definitely enjoyed this one. On top of the exercises, the program also educates men on why the penis is not something we can control no matter how strong our willpower is. It also provides information on what happens during an erection. The program heavily relies on the science it tells men and uses it as a cornerstone for their techniques which not just increase size but ejaculation rate too.

While it did work on our volunteer (he refused to tell us how much it grew but noted it’s “definitely not 4 inches”) , he says the whole program sells the science but not the actual product. It’s cheaper than the first one but he thinks the results are the same either way.

3. Penis Enlargement Bible

What They Say:

Created by John Collins, a professional Sex Educator, Researcher and one of the big names for Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement Bible is a 247-page eBook that contains proven methods to increase the size of your penis by 1-4 inches naturally without any harmful drugs or dangerous surgery.

Penis Enlargement Bible is basically base on the years of experience that John Collins has. Today it’s considered as one of the most popular penis enlargement programs online.

What We Think:

This one’s getting hot traction from some of the people we talk to. Our volunteer reportedly gained a solid 2 inches here. Like the other two, the best thing about the Penis Enlargement Bible is that it offers a permanent and natural solution. It also comes without any costly drugs, pills or surgery.

It also provides the user the basic information on what the penis is made of (yeah, really). Also how some of those parts are the main targets of the program. Basically, the program’s aim is to enhance blood flow since blood flow determines penis girth and size.

You will have to invest some of your time and effort in order to achieve success. However, it has been show that 8 minutes per day is enough for a longer, thicker and better looking penis.

The Takeaway

Okay so those are three of the best programs for penis enlargement we know. You might find another, much better program but if you’re scared to pay for something that doesn’t work. Just go back to our blog and check out one of these  programs. The only caveat is just because it worked for our volunteers doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Penis enlargement is not a one-size fits all approach. Don’t be sad if one of these programs for penis enlargement doesn’t work.

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