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Best Guides To Improve Testosterone Naturally (2018 updated)

By January 19, 2017Sexual Health

For men, there is no hormone more important than testosterone. Testosterone is naturally present in both men and women but it’s men who really need it most. Testosterone is the very essence of our masculinity, it’s what separates men from the boys, the very hormone responsible for our aggression, muscular physique, and our ability to attract a mate. Testosterone defines us for who we are and what we become. For men, testosterone is life.
The natural levels of testosterone hit an all time high at around 30-35  years of age and from there, it’s a slow decline. While the forces of nature are irreversible, and we’re all doomed to have inadequate levels of testosterone eventually, but it doesn’t have to go down fast. In fact, with enough training, diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle, some men over the age of 40 have been able to maintain an optimum level of testosterone and only start to decline at around 60 years of age and the decline they experience is slower than average.

Granted readers of this article aren’t entering their 50’s or 60’s yet (if you are then read anyway), but you want to feel like you’re in your 20’s again or feel like you’re in the best form and you know the answer is more testosterone. The question is, how do you get your testosterone up? More importantly, how do you raise your testosterone naturally?

Luckily for you, we decided to review some of the most popular testosterone boosting guides available. We already have an idea on how to boost it naturally so we figured we’d see what the gurus are selling at try to match it with what we know.


What they say:

After reading this book you will know

  • If you have low testosterone blood levels
  • What your best TRT option is more suitable for you, if you need one.
  • How to avoid the main mistakes that men make when using TRT
  • How to identify and treat potential side effects before they become a problem
  • How to talk to your doctor about getting TRT, or how to find a doctor who prescribes testosterone
  • What foods and medicines can lower your testosterone
  • The truth about non-prescription testosterone boosters
  • What compounding pharmacies are and how they can customize TRT options for you

What we think:

This is a guide focusing mainly on how to use testosterone replacement therapy or TRT for short. It’s one of those guides that depends on a doctor’s prescription to fully work. While it may sound like an easy way out of the low-T zone, we can’t help but wonder at just how low can you testosterone has to be to fully make use of TRT. We imagine this book must really target males beyond 50 or 60 years of age because TRT for guys younger than 50 is unnecessary as far as we’re concerned. It’s still a great book but not the kind you’re looking for if you’re after something natural.

2. The Man Diet

What they say:

1. You get to tailor your diet to your routine.
There is no strict “do this not this” when it comes to meal scheduling. We’ve created multiple scenarios that you can tailor to your routine, whether you’re a night owl, or an early riser, there’s a place in the Man Diet for you.

2. You don’t have to count calories.
I’ve always hated counting calories. It makes a nutrition plan that much harder to follow. So we’re not going to do it. We show you what to eat and when, and the guidelines are set up in such a way that you can eat more of the healthy, tasty foods you love, and burn even more fat.

3. You get to cheat.
We all have cravings. What most people don’t know is that there are actually ways we can use these cravings to our fat loss advantage, not to our detriment. In the Man Diet we show you how to cheat so you can burn more fat eating tasty, even sugary meals.

4. You’re going to be able to sustain.
Most diets, especially for men, aren’t sustainable. This isn’t so much a diet, as a way of eating that you can maintain -easily – for the rest of your life. Your results don’t have to stop, ever.

5. You’re going to feel the changes within the first 2 weeks.
You won’t have to wait long to feel, and see the changes that the Man Diet is making to your physique. Many of my clients begin to see real, visible changes within the first 2 weeks.

6. You’ll have support.
I’m actually going to be with you every step of the way, answering questions, emails, and providing support. When you buy this incredible, revolutionary program, you’re also gaining a tribe and a community that has your back.

What we think:

A healthy diet is important to have a generally great life but a diet focused on boosting testosterone is really interesting. You see, most diets revolve around the idea of balance and while that’s a good concept for most people, it doesn’t work that way for men who have low testosterone.

We also like the idea on how sustainable the recipes are. As described, some of meals here can be made using ordinary household ingredients or can be bought from a nearby grocery store. It’s really a nice way to jump start your testosterone-boosting lifestyle but the next guide will take it up a notch higher.


3. Juicing For Your Manhood

What they say:

  • In this step-by-step guide you will:
  • Discover 17 delicious juicing recipe that will boost your T levels and eliminate the “limp libido syndrome” caused by the 7 sneaky “virility vampires”
  • Use an easy to use logo system to help you identify rapidly which recipe and ingredients is good against each of the 7 sneaky “virility vampires”
  • Have over 45 pages filled with valuable information on how to be a healthier man
  • See video demonstration on how to prepare some of the 17 juicing recipes
  • Get the fastest, easiest, funnest and most exciting way to eat raw foods
  • Learn properties of fruits and vegetables so that you can create your own delicious very powerful juices
  • Discover my 7 essential juicing rules that will bring to the next level of juicing
  • Get the list of foods to defend yourself against each “virility vampires”
  • Receive 4 blender recommendations along with explanations of the pros and cons of each type of blender
  • Feel confused about antioxidants? Discover exactly which ones are most guaranteed to fire up your flesh factory and get you pumping out more T than a wild bull in mating season (believe it or not…antioxidants are one of the biggest keys in boosting your drive, building more muscle, and giving your manhood a platinum upgrade)
  • Get little known information about vitamins that almost only nutritionists are aware of that will make your juicing practice absolutely 100% safe
  • The #1 Food For INCREASE Testosterone. The reason why the foods you’re eating are slowly stripping you of your manhood, and the 7-second trick to stop it in its tracks
  • Be exposed to suggestive images promoting testosterone production

What we think:

This is definitely one of the guides you want when you’re concerned about dietary changes than anything clinical. The focus is obviously on diet particularly on recipes that utilize ingredients to maximize your body’s ability to produce lots of testosterone. The idea of a sustainable testosterone diet is something most men will enjoy.

Juicing is also one real healthy way to get nutrients without having to suffer the awful taste of some vegetables and other ingredients. Really good for guys who want the nutrition but not after the taste. And you also get to see nude girls as a bonus so there’s that.

The Takeaway

The thing with testosterone is it’s going to decline whether we like it or not (and we don’t like it at all!) but it doesn’t mean we can’t try to slow things down. Lifestyle changes are a must and a change in diet is definitely an important step when it comes to reducing testosterone decline. Fact of the matter is, it will eventually go down to a point where we’ll eventually need something medical to help us get back on track and it’s important to know about those procedures now so you won’t have to rely on a stranger’s opinion regarding testosterone.

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