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Top 3 Best Guides For Erectile Dysfunction

By December 24, 2016Sexual Health


One of the world’s great equalizers for men is a little thing called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Doctors refer to it as the inability to get and maintain an erection or when you basically can’t get your little man down there to salute your female partner. ED is usually an old man’s problem and takes hold of our sex lives when we enter our 40’s.

While ED usually waits for us when we’re too old to attract hotties (unless you’re rich!), certain factors also make even those in their prime get the case of the limp dick too. I’m not talking about being unable to get it hard if it’s not stimulated properly, I’m talking about not getting hard at all!

Some causes of ED include diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, hormonal problems, and sometimes even the medicine we take causes ED. Other causes include physical injury (which just sucks, bro), anxiety, depression, and problems with your girl (or boy; we’re PC here fam).

Sometimes ED only happens exclusively when you’re with your partner and if this happens, the root cause of you limp dick is purely psychological (which is better than an actual disease) or stress related.

If it’s mostly psychological or caused by something that can be easily treated with exercise and nutrition then you can definitely cure it yourself! There are many guides available that can help with erectile dysfunction and we reviewed the 3 best guides for you below.

1. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION – What You Can Do About It

What they say:

This eBook discusses the risk factors, causes, and the many treatments available – traditional, natural, and alternative – for sufferers of ED. Written for the average Joe, not a medical student or research scientist, it provides straightforward information, discussion, and encouraging news about this very important medical issue.

Meticulously researched, this eBook is a comprehensive presentation of ED, covering its onset, causes, impacts, self-diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and treatment options.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION… contains 160+ POTENT pages of outstanding information – illustrations, graphs, charts, tables, and occasional doses of humor – all presented in clear, consise, easy to understand explanations and solutions for ED sufferers.

What we think:

Before we start, we already know how to treat ED so our reviews of this would be more about what we think would work and what we think won’t work.

This guide here is probably one of the most comprehensive books on erectile dysfunction. Inside you’ll find the basic information on what ED is, the causes of ED, and even a few graphs and statistics. It will also cover the basics of how an erection works, what the sexual response cycle is, and even tell you about prostate health. They even offer a lot of advice when it comes to risk factors.

It’s really one of those guides that can seem technical but only if you don’t give it a few minutes of your time. It’s really useful for those who have no idea what they did wrong or what may have lead to their current predicament. What helps a lot is the list of natural treatments they can do themselves (which involves exercise and nutrition) or other exercises that may require professional help like hypnosis (yep, it can help) and aromatherapy.

2. BEATING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION – Start Enjoying Your Sex Life Again

What they say:

Are you ready for a shocking statistic? Over 70 percent of men who have erectile dysfunction have it for one reason and one reason only. This reason is NOT advertised by the multi-billion dollar drug companies that make money treating the symptoms of E.D., not the cause.

Of course drug companies aren’t talking about this. That would be like burning money.

Here’s another fact YOU might find amazing that doctors have long known about. For most people who have erectile dysfunction, simple lifestyle changes are enough to completely overcome their E.D. What these lifestyle changes were may surprise you. They aren’t your typical “apple a day to keep the doctor away,” “make sure to floss” type of recommendation.

It turns out that a natural treatment for E.D. is much simpler than you could have imagined.


  • No pills.
  • No dangerous side-effects.
  • No more anxiety.
  • Lovemaking becomes fun again.
  • You don’t have to wait for the pills to “kick in”.
  • You don’t have to worry when, where, and how you’re going to make love.

Get ready to feel not just like a man again … but a tiger in bed.

What we think:

Like #1, this program also covers much of the basics of what makes your penis erect, the reasons why it won’t get erect, as well as what you can do right now to improve your lack of a stiffy. It also provides facts about ED specially when it comes to the percentage of men and at what age they encounter ED plus the reasons why they got ED.

It’s quite informative specially when it comes to natural treatment,  it also focuses a lot on sex and while we don’t mind a few lectures here and there, we feel we shouldn’t have paid for this added extra. It takes up a lot of room and we’re sure a lot of men wouldn’t spend their time past what they need to read on.

3. MIND OVER ED – A Proven Program For Reliable Erections Without Drugs, Pills or Potions

What they say:

For most men, your real problem is not in your penis, it’s in your head.

That doesn’t mean it’s not real. It is VERY REAL!

But, it’s not about the plumbing, it’s about the crippling, anxiety-producing, confidence-shattering thoughts, concerns and fears that are cutting off blood flow to a penis that’s otherwise fully capable of getting reliably rock-hard.

Which is why I’ve distilled my decades of practice into a clinically-validated, step-by-step, home-based, drug-free, herb-free, supplement-free (meaning scam-free), totally-discrete, lasting program that:

  • Gives you back dependable, rock-hard erections
  • Frees you from being shackled to medication for life that can kill or maim you, stop working without notice and cost tens-of-thousands
  • Stops you from buying or dying from rogue herbal remedies online or on the street
  • Eliminates potentially mortifying pill-popping moments
  • Puts and end to the shame, anxiety and fear about not being able to “get it up.”
  • Is free for life, once you understand and master the techniques
  • Has zero side-effects or risk factors (beyond massive gains in confidence)
  • Can be mastered in a matter of weeks or months in total privacy without ever having to visit a doctors office or healthcare professional
  • Was developed, tested and validated over more than 30 years in a clinical setting, and…
  • Is virtually guaranteed to work for YOU.

It bypasses your plumbing and goes straight to the heart of the problem…YOUR MIND

What we think:

Okay, we have to admit this one’s pretty serious stuff. We’ve seen a lot of programs (more than we prefer) and this one just takes the cake. As you can see, the program focuses a lot on the psychological aspect of erectile dysfunction. It still dabbles on the physiological aspect and even consider why some men do need pills to get erect but this is the small portion of the program and really encourages the user to put their mind to it…literally.

Of all the programs we’ve seen, this by far is one of the most professionally done not just because of the way it’s presented or written but because the author (as far as we’re concerned) is a legit physician.

The Takeaway

The common denominator of these programs is this: Erectile Dysfunction can be cured naturally. The word natural can mean a lot of things, though. You might take supplements, eat the right kind of food, and even get yourself a gym membership while you’re at it. It may involve massages, hypnosis, or even sophisticated, non-invasive professional treatment. However you choose to treat yourself, what’s important is you’re doing yourself a favor and actually doing something about it.

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