Top 5 Ways to Discuss Sexual Enhancements with your Partner

By Sexual Health Published on June 24, 2017 Updated on August 24, 2019
Top 5 Ways to Discuss Sexual Enhancements with your Partner

Chances are that the last thing you want to talk to your partner about is your interest in taking supplements as a sexual enhancements option. [1]Pratap, S.A. & Rajender, S. (2012). Potent natural aphrodisiacs for the management of erectile dysfunction and male sexual debilities. Frontiers in Bioscience, 4:167-80. Retrieved from You’re definitely not alone in this, and more importantly, there isn’t anything wrong with it either. This blog post will start you down that road. We will be discussing our top five ways that you can broach the subject with your partner.

Sexual Enhancements With Honesty

The best thing you can be is up-front with your partner about your fears, concerns, or insecurities. Surprisingly it’s common on how often we trick ourselves into thinking that we need help with our bedroom game. We worry we aren’t pleasing our partners. Sometimes, all it takes is to hear them say “It’s great for me”. This will make us realize it’s all in our heads. So tell them that you worry they aren’t enjoying it. That you’re considering taking something to make the experience better for them. Hopefully, they will be supportive of your decision to improve things. If not…well, that’s a topic for another blog entirely.

What If It’s My Hardware?

If the first scenario doesn’t apply to you, then it may be that something down below the belt isn’t firing on all cylinders. Now if that’s the case, it’s always best to go speak with a specialist before you start testing supplements of any kind, as it may be a more serious medical issue than simply old age wearing everything down. Also if there’s no serious medical concern, but your doctor agrees that everything isn’t functioning at optimal levels, then at least you know something isn’t quite doing its due diligence, and hopefully your partner will agree that some help will not go amiss.

Discuss sexual enhancement with your partner

What If It’s Good, But I Want It To Be Better?

If this is you, then the first thing you want to do is make sure that taking supplements won’t backfire on you and cause more harm than good. It isn’t likely, but too much testosterone can be just as detrimental as not enough, so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

As for talking to your partner, the one thing you want to be sure of is that at no point do you ever insinuate that the sex isn’t good enough. This type of thing is a bit beyond the realm of this blog, but you always want to frame this sort of discussion as a matter of wanting the experience for your partner to be better. Causing your partner to feel inadequate is a terrible move.

You need to maintain that the desire for supplements is a result of feeling like you could do more to make the experience better. Whether that be through longer erections, increasing length or girth, or dealing with issues of premature ejaculation.

I Want To Take Them Because I Always Come Too Fast

Are you concerned that you might be suffering from a case of premature ejaculation? The first step is always to speak with a physician, since this can potentially signal deeper medical issues than you’d initially expect.

If you’ve been cleared, though, then taking supplements might be the right move. [2]West, E. & Krychman, M. (2015). Natural Aphrodisiacs-A Review of Selected Sexual Enhancers. Sexual Medicine Reviews, 3(4):279-288. doi: 10.1002/smrj.62 The general consensus seems to be that women do not worry by the premature ejaculation itself. In fact, many take it as a compliment!. For most women who do have an issue with it, it boils down to the experience. It may just not be lasting as long as they’d like.

discuss sexual enhancement with your partner

Chances are, if you’ve made it to the point that you’re considering taking supplements to help curb this issue. If that’s the case, then you’ve already thought of this. If so, this is another case of stressing that you want the experience to be as great as you can make it for the both of you.

The Big One

As the bolded print suggests, this is the biggest take-home of this entire post. Don’t feel ashamed about talking about sexual enhancements. Shame is a natural emotion for guys to feel when they believe they’re not pleasing their partners. It isn’t irrational, or even abnormal to feel that way. This emotion should motivate you rather than inhibit you. It speaks to a certain level of self-awareness and a desire to improve that some men simply lack. This will put you ahead of the pack for that reason.

Hopefully now have strategies of ways to talk about sexual enhancements. A bit of honesty mixed with a dash of confidence in your desire to make the sexual experience the best it can be for you and your partner will go farther than you’d expect. This will make that conversation way easier for everyone involved. Making everything that follows just as easy.

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