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Our mission is to help men to reach their hormonal potential. Our products are specially targeted to men with testosterone deficiency problems or bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast who would like to raise their testosterone levels to increase performance.

We take pride in the fact that Herbolab is a different kind of company. We are not here to sell you something and disappear, we are here to make sure you achieve your health goals. This might come as a shock for many of our customers; scams, lies and unethical business practices are somewhat common in this industry. Herbolab was born with the intention of changing that, after all, your success is our success..

Why Our Customer’s Love Herbolab’s Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a plant that is indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the surrounding Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries to combat the symptoms of low testosterone in men. In fact, tongkat ali is known as nature’s most potent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster.

So what makes our’s better then the other’s?

1. We Provide Pure and Genuine Tongkat Ali Extract Straight From the Indonesian Jungle

At Herbolab we pride ourselves of being 100% transparent about where our products come from. Our tongkat ali roots are collected from the jungle of Kalimantan and North Sumatra, Indonesia, where they grow in the wild. They are collected by locals with a traditional method and later transported for their processing. Watch the video to learn more about the harvesting process.

2. We Have the Highest Potency Standardized Tongkat Ali in the Market

Our tongkat ali extract has been concentrated 200 times, that means that it takes 200 grams of tongkat ali root to make 1 gram of finished product. It takes 4.8kg of tongkat ali to make one bottle of Herbolab’s tongkat ali. Not only that, we provide the maximum concentration of active ingredients you can find. Thanks to our proprietary extraction technology, we can produce extracts with high eurycomanone content (the active compound of tongkat ali).

3. You Pay Much Less Per Gram of Tongkat Ali

Compare our tongkat ali with common tongkat ali products found in Watsons, Guardian, etc. You can see how much you pay per gram of tongkat ali root in each product. The formula is price / (capsules * mg/capsule * strength / 1,000).

What exactly is Tongkat Ali 1:200?

Tongkat Ali, (Eurycoma longifolia) is a plant that goes 20 to 30 feet in height. It grows in the rain forest of Indonesia and Malaysia. The beneficial compounds found in Tongkat Ali must be extracted from the roots of mature trees above 10 years of age. However, the active components of Tongkat Ali are found in low concentration, that is why a concentrated product is more effective. The 1:200 ratio means it takes 200 grams of mature root in the case of Tongkat Ali to produce one gram of root extract. This is the highest concentration available and the recommended concentration for maximum results. Keep in mind that Tongkat Ali 1:200 is not a drug or hormone pill, but a completely natural herbal supplement. Tongkat Ali 1:200 has been researched extensively for many years and has been used in Asia by hundreds of thousands of people with no negative side effects reported. Unfortunately, this wonderful herb is virtually unknown to Western medicine, and that”s why most doctors don”t have enough knowledge to advise their patients about it.

How do I take Tongkat Ali 1:200?

The recommended usage is 4 capsules per day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. However, this may be a little too high for some users, especially if this is the first time you start taking the product. I recommend starting with half the dosage until you feel that your body is OK with it (that is, you don”t feel agitated or restless). Then you may increase to the standard 4 capsules per day. I suggest that you experiment a little with the dosage as Tongkat Ali doesn’t work the same for all individuals (neither does any other supplement or medication). You may notice that you experience the desired effects taking only 2 or 3 capsules per day, and that is totally fine, stick to it. Some other individuals (like bodybuilders) may find a higher dosage more suited for the results they look for. The effects of Tongkat Ali accumulate gradually. However, it is also important to leave a “resting period” to avoid your body getting accustom to Tongkat Ali. Most recommend to rest half the time you take Tongkat Ali. For example: If you take it for 4 days in a row, rest 2. Or if you take it for 2 days, rest on the third, then take it for another 2, then rest on the third, etc. If you are taking Tongkat Ali long term, I believe it is a good idea to let your body rest for a longer period after 2-3 months of cycles (you can take 1 month break or so).

People often ask about the best cycle structure. There is no such a thing as the “best” because people respond differently. If you have a hard time sticking to a cycle, what I can suggest is that you adopt a cycle that can easily fit in your schedule.

The point of the cycle is to leave regular pauses to avoid getting your body familiar with TA by constant intake. This pauses help “reset”. Resting 50% is just conventional usage, but you can get your own pattern. For example:

  • Take Monday-Friday, rest on weekends. For every bottle finished, pause an additional week.
  • Take 20 days straight, rest 10 days before starting a new bottle
  • Take Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Whatever works for you.

The general usage of 4 capsules a day, take 2 and rest 1 day is a convention. You can find the dosage and rest periods that works best for you with a little experimentation.

How does Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract work?

Testosterone is regulated in your body by the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. These two glands produce the signals that tell Leydig and other testosterone synthesizing cells to stop testosterone production when a certain level of testosterone is reached. Tongkat Ali 1:200 is an all natural product it gently triggers your body in a safe and natural way to produce additional testosterone. Tongkat Ali acts in the negative feedback system of the pituitary and hypothalamus glands allowing a higher testosterone concentration before signalling the production cells to stop. Therefore, Tongkat Ali induces your own body to produce more testosterone naturally.

Is Tongkat Ali 1:200 a testosterone pill?

No Tongkat Ali 1:200 is a capsule that contains only the herbal extract from the root of the Eurycoma longifolia plant. It contains no testosterone.

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali 1:200?

By increasing your testosterone levels naturally, you can enjoy the following benefits: Higher sex drive Longer, harder and spontaneous erection Improvements in muscle mass, strength and bone density Boost in energy and vitality Improved mood

Can I take Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract with other medications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.?

We cannot give you medical advice regarding your current medication and Tongkat Ali 1:200. If you’re taking medications, we do suggest that you take Tongkat Ali 1:200 an hour or two before or after your medications in order to experience better results. Keep in mind that there are certain prescription drugs that can affect the quality of your erection or sex drive.

Can Tongkat Ali 1:200 help me lose belly fat?

Numerous studies have shown that low testosterone leads to excess fat accumulation in the abdomen which is very difficult to shed through diet and exercise. Tongkat Ali 1:200 works by naturally increasing testosterone which inhibits the buildup of abdominal (visceral) fat in several important ways including: Inhibiting fat storage by blocking a key fat storage enzyme; stimulating the body’s own fat “burning” system; improving insulin metabolism; and inhibiting triglycerides from attaching to the abdominal wall.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali 1:200 to work?

For Tongkat Ali1:200 to deliver optimal results it you must take it consistently over time. The time to experience the firsts results vary person to person, but from experience it seems that the average time is about 2 weeks.

What is black, red and yellow tongkat ali?

Black, Red and Yellow Tongkat Ali are all unrelated medicinal plants that share a similar common name in some regions of Malaysia. However, the name Tongkat Ali is most commonly in reference to yellowTongkat Ali (yellow) or Eurycoma longifolia, of the family: Simaroubaceae. The other roots that share this name are:

Black Tongkat Ali  = Species: Polyalthia bullata, Family: Annonaceae
Red Tongkat Ali / Akar Haji Samat =  Species: Jackia (Jackiaopsis) ornata, Family: Rubaceae

Each of these herbs is used in Malaysian traditional medicine for energy and sexual dysfunction, however only Eurycoma longifolia has a large body of supporting scientific research for its effects related to boosting testosterone and male sexual health. In this website when we mention Tongkat Ali it refers to the botanical species Eurycoma longifolia.

What Tongkat Ali extract concentration is best? 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200?

There are a number of concentrations available in the market. We only sell 1:200 because is the one that requires less capsules to achieve desired effects and offer the best value per gram of tongkat ali root.

What are the side effects or adverse reactions of Tongkat Ali?

In some occasions some mild side effects could manifest. These side effects could include: Insomnia Restless Increased aggressiveness Face blush testicular pressure heart palpitations

Is your Tongkat Ali Halal or vegetarian safe?

Our tongkat ali contains capsules from bovine gelatin. Therefore they are not apt for vegetarian diet. The are certified Halal.

For how long will I need to take Tongkat Ali?

You will normally experience Tongkat ali effects within 2 weeks or so. You can continue to take the supplement for as long as you like. There are no known problems for taking tongkat ali long-term.

Where is your Tongkat Ali produced?

Our tongkat ali is harvested and produced in the tropical forest of Indonesia, where tongkat ali grows in the wild. It is important to note that Indonesian tongkat ali is harvested by hand from tress that are at least 10 years old in age, which are the ones that have shown to be effective. The roots are then transported to a manufacturing facility in Indonesia, and concentrated. The concentrated powder is imported into Singapore, where the product is retested for quality and subsequently bottled. Note that there are many products out there and some of them claims to be 1:200 at a very low price. These tongkat ali products are likely to come from Chinese farms that grows tongkat ali artificially and use the root of young trees. Therefore their quality is vastly inferior and they might not be effective at all.

Do I need a doctor's prescription to take Tongkat Ali

No, tongkat ali is a natural product and you can buy it without prescription.

Is Tongkat Ali suitable for women?

Tongkat ali is a supplement that can raise testosterone levels, that is why mostly men us it. However, tongkat ali is safe for women to take. There are a few cases where this can be particularly useful such as libido problems or improving athletic performance.

Is there a chance that I won't experience any benefits after taking Tongkat Ali?

Yes there is a chance that you won’t experience any benefits. We want to be clear that tongkat ali is not a miracle cure and we don’t sell it as such. Tongkat ali is a natural product with clinically proven efficacy to raise testosterone and most of our customers report noticing the effects, but you might not experience the benefits you are looking for in the following cases: Any drug or health supplement has a percentage of users that do not respond to them. If your expectations are unreasonable, you might not get the result you were looking for. Example: if you expect an ever lasting erection within 30 minutes of taking it, you are better of buying prescription medication. If you are experiencing sexual issues that are not related to lack of testosterone (example: drugs side effects, psychological, etc.) then tongkat ali might not be able to help.  If you are unsure that you have lack of testosterone, you can always perform a blood test in a specialised centre to measure it. Of course if you still have doubts, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you assess if tongkat ali is for you.

Is there anything I should do aside from taking Tongkat Ali?

While tongkat ali will help you boost your testosterone naturally and experience the good effects associated with it, you can do other things to boost your testosterone even more. Supplementation accompanied with other techniques to increase testosterone can help you a lot. For a really good article about how to achieve this check this guide to increase testosterone naturally.

Is tongkat ali recommended for a healthy young man?

Tongkat ali increases testosterone, hence all the benefits that it offers are from increasing testosterone. For this reason, tongkat ali is good for fitness purposes as well. However the increase in testosterone that the supplement induces it’s more potent in older males, because their testosterone production is lower due to age. Younger males with a healthy production of testosterone might not notice the  effects of  tongkat ali.

Can diabetics use tongkat ali?

It’s important to differentiate taking tongkat ali to lower blood sugar like some diabetics do (article: from taking tongkat ali for ED (article If your ED is developing because aging and lack of testosterone, then tongkat ali can help. However, if the ED was developed as an effect of the diabetes (losing sensation in the penis) this is a more tricky situation and the effect in your erection could be mild, if any at all.

Do you sell tongkat ali in any other form than 1:200 concentrated capsules?

At the moment we only sell tongkat ali capsules 1:200. We do not sell powder in bulk, or in another concentration, or tongkat ali raw material.

Can I take tongkat ali while in Testosterone Replacement Threapy (TRT)?

Tongkat ali works by 3 mechanisms:

  1. Stimulating the secretion of Luteinzing Hormones (LH) which in turn stimulates the Leydig cells of your testicles to produce testosterone.
  2. Reducing the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen (aromatization),
  3. Decrease in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
  4. Reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone that lowers testosterone

Most people taking tongkat ali are looking for effect #1, however this won’t happen if you are injecting exogenous testosterone. As long as you are supplying Testosterone your body won’t produce any, that’s just how our body works. However, you can still benefit from effects 2, 3 and 4. It will be hard to measure any real increase in total testosterone, but you might able to observe increased free testosterone ratio, less Estrogen and less cortisol.

Herbolab Tongkat Ali Reviews

.Amazing results…
1) Erections are stronger 2) My desire for sex increased 3) Energy level was sustained through the day during work. My mind is more alert and active. (This is what I am most pleased with as I don’t feel moody or sleepy during work)
– Mark,

.Gym and bedroom
Great product. Wanted to use for weight training purposes. Stronger in the gym and more focused. From day 1 I have more energy and actually takes a bit longer to get to sleep. But in the morning I am jumping out of bed! The strongest effect are felt in the bedroom and it is great.
– Walter,

.Got my confidence back
I am so happy with the result, I felt like I’m a better man. Got my confidence back, got more sexual desire and not to mention, before I always try to make my partner pregnant but seems like I was shooting blanks, but after taking tongkat ali in 1 month, now my partner is pregnant. I’m sure tongkat ali helped a lot so from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.
– Kenneth,

Why Our Customer’s Love Herbolab’s Maca

Maca is a popular product, and you have certainly seen cheap maca that sells under $10 per bottle. However, Herbolab’s maca is one of the highest quality maca you will find, here is why:

Certified Maca From Peru, Not From China

While the demand for maca worldwide keeps increasing, maca is being cultivated in other parts of the world, like the mountains in the Yunan province of China. However, these plants do not have the rich nutrient profile that Peruvian maca has. Furthermore, Chinese maca is not cultivated following high standards of traditional farmers, and Chinese maca contaminated with heavy metals has been reported in the past.


Our maca is certified organic. This is important because organically grown vegetables contain as much as twice the amount of nutrition as compared to those grown in commercial farms. In addition, to ensure the highest quality you would want to avoid the chemical fertilizers and insecticides commonly used in such farms.

Unique Patented Gelatinization at Low Temperature

Gelatinized maca is a form of maca powder that involves removing the starch of the maca resulting in a more concentrated maca form that is also more easy to digest and process in the body. Unlike other commercial preparations, our maca is gelatinized using a proprietary low temperature process. By avoiding high temperatures, we are able to preserve the nutrients better. No other brand of maca can offer the same rich nutritional profile that our maca has.

Made From Dark Maca Roots

Our maca is composed of 80% black and 15% red/purple roots. Dark roots have shown to be more nutritious and efficient in combating stress and increasing energy levels. Most other maca products are made of yellow roots, which are cheaper but do not posses the same health benefits.

Concentrated 1:6

Our Maca is 6 times stronger than regular Maca powder, giving you extra strength at lower dosage.

Is your Maca suitable for vegetarian/halal?

Yes, our maca capsules are vegetal and does not contain any animal substances.

Is Maca only for women?

This is a huge NO; men, just like women, can benefit from maca. In fact, modern scientific analysis has showed that maca has an authentic store of ingredients that are great for men’s health. Moreover, maca has unique phytochemicals that gave its aphrodisiac reputation and have the ability to raise men’s sexual performance and potency.

Another benefit of maca to men is during andropause. Hormonal imbalance among men doesn’t get much attention as compared to women. Nonetheless, in some men, andropause or male menopause can be emotionally and physically important. It happens if the levels of testosterone are depleted, bring about mood changes, decreased sex drive, loss of energy and lowered physical agility. And maca, an adaptogen, can normalize one or more of the body’s systems. In the case of maca, it acts on the hormonal system. Therefore, it can help men who are going through andropause.

In recent times, scientific studies have been performed to check if the reports about maca can stand up to the unprejudiced inquiry. Without a surprise, a big part of this research was focused on the sexual health of men. Many studies done on rats and mice have showed positive results in this concern:

  • J Ethnopharmacol. 2001; 75(2-3):225-9. Maca has shown to “considerably enhance sexual performance parameters among male rats”.
  • 2002; 34:177-179. Maca has raised the total number of rats in copulation and lowered the periods between copulations.
  • Asian Journal of Andrology. 2001; 3:231-233. Maca has shown to increase the testicular weights and spermatogenesis among rats.
  • Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2005; 3(1):5. Maca has shown to decrease the size of the prostate. Prostate enlargement is a common condition among men of increasing age.
  • 2000; 55:598-602. Supplementing maca in mice has increased their sexual activity three times. And, rats experiencing erectile dysfunction were revealed to have their latent period of erection halved.

Human trials to prove the effectiveness of maca is few, but those trials that were conducted showed the same trend:

  • Asian Journal of Andrology. 2001; 3:301-303. This is the number of times that Dr. Gustavo Gonzales conducted his studies. During the trial, normal men with the age group of 24-44 used maca for four The trial showed an increase in seminal volume, sperm motility and sperm count per ejaculation.
  • 2002; 34:367-372. This trial was conducted by Gonzales, which is a 12-week double blind placebo-controlled, have showed the capability of maca to improve sexual desire among men within the age of 21-56 years old.
  • The results of the Phase I study conducted by Gonzales has shown that aside from the improvements in sexual health of men, maca supplementation has also improved the state of mind of the subjects, lowering the levels of anxiety and stress.

Does Maca increase Fertility in men and women?


Maca is a vegetable that’s common in the Andes Mountains. The history of how effective maca and its fertility potency began when Incan farmers observed that after giving maca roots to their cattle, they became healthier and stronger. And they also noticed that with continuous maca feeding, their livestock had produced an increased number and healthier offsprings.

It didn’t take long for the people to start eating maca to raise their chances of conceiving. The Incans have been using maca for a long time due to its natural properties that produce an aphrodisiac response among men who are experiencing fertility issues, impotence, and those with low sex-drive. Because of its fertility boosting properties, Europeans and North Americans started to do research and use maca in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Maca is among of the few herbs that are thought to have “adaptogens”. These types of herbs adjust to a lot of conditions inside a given body and aid in restoring it to a healthy state. Maca particularly focuses on the endocrine system to help balance out the hormones in men and women.

According to scientific studies, the use of black maca enhances sperm count and even raises the sperm activity. A same study demonstrated that females using maca responds by increasing regularity in menstruation cycles and easier ovulation. Taking maca can also help in raising libido for both men and women.

Aside from balancing hormones, consuming maca can also provide good nutritional support, which is vital for men and women who want to escalate their chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

If you are planning to take advantage of maca’s benefits especially its fertility capabilities, here are a couple of things that you should consider in order to take full advantage of its potency:

  • Make sure to use fresh, quality and licensed organic maca powder.
  • Use the exact quantity of maca powder. Using maca powder for its fertility effects should be of therapeutic usage and should be taken in therapeutic dosage, regularly.
  • Both partners should consume maca.
  • For women who want to improve their fertility, red maca is advisable. Red maca is the most nutritionally dense among the three common types of maca and also the best for female fertility
  • For men, black maca is recommended as it is great for increasing sperm count and motility.
  • It’s also vital to undergo cleansing and detox.

Where is your Maca manufactured?

Our maca is grown at the high altitude of the mountains of Peru, where maca is originally from. Our maca is grown organically by the locals, who then selects the best quality dark roots for their concentration and encapsulation. The capsules are then sent to Singapore, where they are retested and bottled.

Does Maca increase Sex Drive?

People are using maca for sexual needs, and after their secret success and telling others about its potency, Maca is becoming exponentially popular. Its reputation for having various health advantages is also making it more popular.

During 1998, people working at Pure World Botanicals studied the root of the maca and learned that it contains 10% protein, 60% carbohydrate and different types of fatty acids – nothing shocking. The researchers had discovered another two groups of new compounds, the macaenes and macamides, which were believed to be the reason behind maca’s potent use for “love”.

In 2000, the April challenge of Urology published results of a study completed on animals. The animals were given maca extracts and have demonstrated increased stamina and energy, and improved sexual activity, as compared to the animals that were not given maca extract. The results seem to agree to what have been reported by men and women who consume maca. People with low libido levels reported increased sexual desire after using maca. While males experiencing erectile dysfunction normally noticed a certain improvement.

Dr. Gary Gordon, a physician in the state of Arizona and the previous president of the American College for the Development of Drugs, is a huge fan of maca. He views maca as a tool to control hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. He believes that the more maca you take, the more benefits you’ll get. Toxicity research done in the United States has confirmed that maca has no toxicity and no antagonistic pharmacological properties. Maca is a safe, effective, non-harmful solution in increasing your sexual drive without the bad effects of prescription drugs; this gives more positive reasons for men and women to use maca in their love life.

Does Maca increase Estrogen levels?

Maca root is commercially available in powder, gelatinized, liquid form, and in capsules. Many women use it as an oral supplement to enhance sex drive and to relieve premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms brought by fluctuating estrogen and progesterone hormones.

For all the women wanting to try out maca, you might be wondering if it does really increase estrogen level. Yes, maca root can increase not only estrogen but progesterone and testosterone as well.

It does not contain phytoestrogens or estrogen-like substances in plants, so it’s not directly replacing low estrogen. It contains potent substances called alkaloids that can stimulate the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which in turn will improve the hormone-releasing functions of the adrenals, ovaries, pancreas, and thyroid

Since maca works directly on the pituitary and hypothalamus, not only does it increase low estrogen but can combat estrogen dominance by making sure there is enough progesterone needed to neutralize the effect of high estrogen.

In one research, maca significantly increased estradiol, which is a form of estrogen thereby reducing the severity and occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats. In a different and more recent study, maca improved psychological symptoms of menopause such as anxiety and depression.

Maca has no toxicity, and it does not directly refill declining estrogen. It works by enhancing normal body functions such as releasing hormones. Thus, it is generally safe to use and might be an effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Could Maca increase women's butt and breast size?

The shape of your body is predominately determined by genetics, and you can’t change your genes. But, hormones play a vital role in the distribution of body fats, and this can change through the use of particular medications and supplements.

Normally, women who have high levels of estrogen in their system store more body fats in hips, breasts, and, of course, the buttocks. Can you still remember puberty? During puberty, girls undergo an increase in estrogen levels, which causes the development of curves.

Alternatively, some women who don’t produce that much estrogen or have high levels of androgen (male hormones) tend to store small amounts of body fats in the areas mentioned and instead more in the upper body part resulting in less developed curves. For these women, taking supplements such as maca can help in the development of a more feminine body if the body produces less estrogen. Maca can help in regulating the body and raise levels of estrogen, which will then result in more fat deposits on the hips, breasts, and buttocks. However, no studies have proven this claim yet.

Another question is, could maca increase the size of a woman’s breasts and butt? There is minimal to no medical research that can prove the effectiveness of using maca in enlarging the breasts and butt. But, there are a lot of claims that it helps. Alternatively, some also claim that maca didn’t have any effects.

If you want to test maca and see if it can truly increase your breasts and butt’s size, take note of these important points.

  • Do not consume raw maca. Raw maca has harmful enzymes that can result in fever, bad stomach cramps, and reduced nutrient absorption.
  • Normally, maca has always been prepared through boiling or roasting and has never been consumed raw.
  • Heating or roasting maca lessens the amount of unsuitable enzymes and makes it safe to consume. The heating process improves the secondary metabolites in maca, from where the health benefits of maca come from.

Does Maca help regulate menstruation?

The menstrual cycle is a monthly body process among women by which a woman’s body prepares for the opportunity of getting pregnant. Menstruation is part of the monthly menstrual cycle of women where blood and tissue are discharged through the vagina. It’s also known as a period or menstrual period.

But, some women experience problems related to their menstrual period – known as menstrual irregularities. Such problems may include not getting their periods, having frequent monthly periods, experiencing menstrual bleeding or having painful monthly periods. If not pregnant, menstrual problems are typically signs of a particular health problem. There are a lot of problems that can lead to menstrual irregularities, and one such problem is amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is a condition characterized by a woman not getting her monthly period by the age of 16 or if she discontinues getting her monthly period for a minimum of 3 months.

In Amenorrhea (this is the absence of menstrual period not related to pregnancy); the use of maca has lowered the levels of FSH. High levels of FSH have been related to low serum estrogen levels, the hormone that is liable in developing the uterine lining for the first half of the menstrual cycle. This lining is the one being shed off during menstruation. Ovulation is needed for the production of progesterone during the second half of the menstrual cycle. In this case, maca can be utilized to help balance the levels of hormones during the menstrual cycle.

Does Maca help alleviate menopausal symptoms?

Women who are going through menopause can greatly benefit from maca. During menopause, the hormonal system of females goes through a great change. These changes sometimes result in certain symptoms including irritability, night sweats, insomnia, and hot flashes. As maca is great for balancing hormones, it is great in helping a healthy and relaxed menopausal transition.

It is vital to know that maca doesn’t have hormone content. Instead, it has a nutrient known as glucosinolates that help to stimulate the body in producing balanced hormone levels. In the occasion of utilizing maca for hot flashes, using the powder can make the body create more estrogen.

Lastly, maca powder is a genuine nutritional powerhouse with excellent levels of 23 essential fatty acids, ten minerals and almost all types of amino acids. The high nutrient levels of the maca powder help ideal body functioning.

Among the three popular types of maca, the red maca contains the highest levels of nutrients, and it is also the sweetest. Red maca is good for hot flashes.

How to use maca for hot flashes?

For hot flashes, you can use maca as “therapeutic” means instead of “casual” usage. To get most out of using maca for therapeutic purposes, below are three essential things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the proper dosage is observed in taking it. A 150-pound person must take about six to twelve grams or two to four teaspoons of maca powder every day.
  • Ensure that maca powder is taken regularly. Being consistent once you start using maca is the key to gaining its full health benefits.
  • You must be patient. Most individuals will experience results after two to three weeks from using maca. While for others, it takes about six weeks.

Herbolab Maca Reviews

Regained passion
Me and my wife started taking maca 3 months ago and we believe it has good effect in our health and sexual life. We have stressful jobs and hectic life but since we discovered maca sex has regained the passion it once had.
– Michael, South Africa

Thanks for the follow up. I am very happy with the products. I feel that tongkat ali has a good effect on my sex performance and maca has a notable effect on my mood and energy. I am recommending them to friends and family.
– Marco, United States

Improved focus and performance
Thank you for the super fast delivery! It is my 5th month taking maca, it keeps me focused and at high level of performance in the gym and at work.
– Ken, Singapore

Consistent effects
I have been consuming maca from NOW foods with inconsistent effect. I feel that your maca is stronger and the effects are more consistent and noticeable.
– Steven, Australia

Why Our Customer’s Love Herbolab’s Red Korean Ginseng?

1. We Provide Pure and Genuine Korean Red Ginseng Straight From Korea

Red Korean ginseng is a delicate root that requires a very specific growing environment to produce the healthy ginseng saponings. Korea’s unique climate and soil is optimum for the Korean ginseng to grow. Although there are other varieties of Ginseng, only Korean ginseng grown in Korea can guarantee the maximum efficacy and quantity and variety of active components.

2. Our Red Korean Ginseng is Fermented For Maximum Absorption

Research has shown that many of the active compounds of ginseng, the ginsenosides, pass right through your stomach and small intestines without ever being assimilated by your body. Only when they reach the large intestine they start to ferment by your gut bacteria and absorbed by your body. However, this step is carried out right before being eliminated and might not be efficiently done by the time your body excretes it.

Herbolab’s red Korean ginseng is fermented using the same process that naturally occurs in your large intestine, resulting in a better, faster and more consistent absorption of the beneficial component of ginseng.

3. Our Red Korean Ginseng Is Made Using a Patented Korean Extraction Method That Ensures Maximum Ginsenoside Content

Not all Korean ginsengs are equal. Ginsenosides can be destroyed due to the extraction process used, specially if done with heat, which result in a low efficacy product. Herbolab’s patented Korean extraction method uses an unique low temperature extraction that ensures maximum ginsenosides content. We are proud to guarantee a minimum of 12% ginsenoside content, a concentration that other companies can only dream of.

Herbolab Korean Red Ginseng Reviews

The best
This is the best Red Ginseng I have tried and the results are quite noticeable. Better sensitivity, increased libido and really nice dreams, just to name a few benefits. You get what you pay for, and this ginseng by herbolab is one of the finest, highest quality all natural product on the market today. It’s made by a small company that takes pride in the quality of every bottle they ship. I have had amazing results since I started taking their Ginseng.
– Aston, United States

Good for trainning
Effects I’ve noticed, after one-month of daily use:
improved stamina/cardio, increased reps at the gym, reduced abdominal fat, less “brain fog”, and ultimately a greater sense of well-being. I also studied the importance of the substance called ginsenoside, the potent compound responsible for the general benefits of Korean Red Ginseng. This ginseng by Herbolab has maxed it out at 13%! Some supplements just use 1% or not declare it all so this is definitely something that would keep me buying their product.
– Don, Australia

Watch out
I don’t know how to explain it, but my erections have never felt so…dominating before. The strength of my erections are just…wow. This has made a lot of my girls say I’m the best they’ve ever had and makes them really hungry for more lol. I feel like I’m marketing this drug like the fake advertisements you see, but I have tried A LOT OF STUFF, and this coupled with weightlifting and cardio is the only that has fully worked to make me do more than my 1000% in the bedroom. So I’m basically going to order a lot of this year in and year out. Girls better watch out! haha
– Pawel, South Africa

On my second cycle now, and there’s a couple things I want you all to know based on my long term experience. The first is it seems the potency wears off or takes a while to if you’re often having sex and by often I mean multiple times a day. The difference can be minimal or downright negligible. If you’re having sex once every other day or so, you should see a difference. The second one, and the one I like the most, is when I take this about 15-30 minutes before I workout and later on in the day or night, it is super potent. We’re talking about hard, throbbing erections, the strongest erections I’ve ever had in my life. I guess more cardio and muscle recovery help boost the already potent ginseng inside the capsule. Really nice!
– Lars, Sweden

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Now you can enjoy a timely and worry-free delivery. Shipments are made from our US warehouse in a package with no indication of the content inside. Tracking number is provided via email.

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FAQ’s About Shipping

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our products worldwide, but there are a few countries that might have special regulations for the import of tongkat ali/maca. If you are unsure about placing your order because possible custom issues please contact us first. Note: We ship regularly to United States (US), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries without any customs issue.

Will I have to pay customs duty?

While we do everything we can to prevent import duties, every country is different and in some cases import duties may apply. That said, after thousands of shipments worldwide we had only a handful of cases were import duties were applied. We ship regularly to United States (US), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries without any customs duties.

Which courier do you use?

Orders in US are shipped through USPS and orders in Singapore are shipped through private courier. Depending on availability, we might ship locally in countries like UK, Canada and Australia. For all other countries we use Singpost international parcel with tracking number.

Can you ship using private couriers like UPS, DHL and fedex?

We don’t normally use these couriers due to their high shipping cost. However if you are interested in using these, please get in touch with us and we will try to arrange.

About Payment

Can I pay with credit/debit card?

Yes. You can pay securely with any major credit/debit card through Paypal.

Can I pay cash on delivery (COD)?

Yes. This option is available to Singapore deliveries only. You can choose COD as a payment method when you checkout. Note: Make sure the currency SGD is selected.

I don't have a Paypal account, can I pay using my debit or credit card?

You can pay with a credit or debit card following these instructions: On the order confirmation, review your details, then select Paypal payment, click on the terms and conditions and then “Place order” button. On the next screen you will be taken to Paypal”s secure payment. If you don”t have a Paypal account, click on “Don”t have a Paypal account?” tab. On the next screen you can enter your card details and complete your order.

I can't pay through PayPal, do you offer other ways of payment?

You could also make a payment through direct bank transfer and Western Union. Please note that in both these methods the fees are paid by the sender. Bank transfer Beneficiary name: Herbolab pte ltd Bank name: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation SWIFT code: OCBCSGSG Acc number: 569234230001 Western Union For western union transfer please get in touch with us.

Will my credit card be charged again later without my permission?

There is no automatic re-order, also there is no agreement with Paypal that might allow us to charge again at a later date. Your purchase will be one-time only.

Other Questions

If I had to choose between Tongkat Ali and Maca, which should I pick?

This is a tough question as it depends on many factors, including what are you trying to achieve. But as a general pointer we can say that tongkat ali is best for most sexual-related problems. Maca is best for general health, energy and hormonal balance. Most customers benefit from combining them together.

Can I take Tongkat Ali and Maca together? How?

Yes you can, in fact you could experience the best results when they are combined. The dosage is the same for the two of them, so you would take 2 tongkat ali + 2 maca in the morning after breakfast and 2 tongkat ali + 2 maca after lunch. The only difference between them is that tongkat ali is taken in a cycle (take 2 days, rest one day) and maca is taken every day.

Will I have to take tongkat ali or maca for life?

Yes and no.

The bad news is that any effects any supplement can bring will disappear over time when you stop taking the supplement. That’s life.

The good news is, it can help you “snowball” positive change that will last. Let me explain. Remember the story of Wayne from my previous email? Thanks to the positive changes he started to see when taking the products he got motivated to join a gym, which brought even more positive change. Then he was motivated to stop drinking and eating healthier. That’s the snowball effect. Wayne needed less product to support the level of effect he was looking for after some time, in fact he used tongkat ali and maca as a support, not as the main means. That’s what a supplement is supposed to be, extra help.

Do you offer a sample/trial of your products?

Unfortunately we do not offer a trial or sample of our products at this time. This is mainly because the time to experience the first effects varies from person to person and it ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Therefore a small sample might not give justice to what the products can do for you.

In which countries do you have distributors/resellers?

At the moment we only have resellers located in Singapore. However we have just opened a reseller program worldwide and our products might become available through resellers in several other countries.

What is the refund policy of your products?

There is an exchange policy if the product has any kind of defect, or if for any reason the products can’t reach you after shipping and they are returned to us. However there is no refund policy if the product doesn’t have the effect you expected.

We are here to answer your queries. At Herbolab we are known for a philosophy of full-transparency and awesome customer support. You can use the messenger button on the bottom right of the page.

If we’re not available or you have a longer question, go to our Ask Us Anything page. Ask us anything you want and we will get back to you usually within one business day.

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