Media Buyer – Ecommerce

DEADLINE is 11:59 PM PST on October 25th, 2021

Quick Notes To Save You Time:

We respect your time, so we want you to know some of the important details before spending time going through the job posting.

Important: We are looking for someone who brings past skills to the company to help it grow. This isn’t a beginners position. We are not looking to train you on the basics of any of the below skills unless you come to the table with some very advanced skills in a few areas and need some basic skills in supplementary areas.

We are looking for a combination of any of the following:

  • Intermediate to advanced paid advertising (Google, Facebook, IG, YouTube, Amazon)
  • Intermediate to advanced landing page creation and optimization
  • Intermediate to advanced in data analysis and making data-driven decisions
  • Intermediate to advanced Amazon Seller Central management listings (Marketing only, no logistics)

Provable performance-based experience will be required, so be prepared to give examples of your experience.


About Us

We are an herbal health supplement company. Our products are sourced from the regions where they are cultivated best and indigenous to that land. Most of our customers are men who are looking for natural ways to improve their sexual health and overall well-being. We are expanding awareness to women as well.

We sell our products all over the world through our website and online marketplaces. Our team is currently 6-10 people and we’re all located in the Philippines at this time. We usually work during normal business hours during the Philippines times.

You can visit our website to learn more about us at

About the Position

This is a general marketing position. Ideally, we want someone who is really experienced in a few of the marketing areas mentioned below and has some understanding of the rest of the areas so you know how it all fits together.

Extra points if you have project management experience and you’ve managed marketing programs before for other eCommerce brands. The idea is you will eventually be managing most areas of the marketing.

Below is a list of day-to-day responsibilities depending on your level of experience and which area(s) you may be a specialist in.

Media Buying:

  • Ad Planning and Management In order of Importance (You can have any of these, this position does not require you to know all of them)
    • Google Search
    • Google Shopping
    • Amazon Ads
    • Google Display
    • Bing Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Building landing pages in WordPress and optimizing them (we do have help for this)
  • Reading and understanding Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • BONUS POINTS: We would really like to move to Google Tag Manager, let me know if you have experience implementing it
  • Email Marketing – setting up campaigns on our email marketing platform Klavio
  • Copywriting experience for paid ads, landing pages, and/or email copy
  • Basic image optimization and basic video creation with simple tools
  • Sitting in on meetings via Zoom
  • Create training and SOPs when we add new processes
  • Email communication
  • Project and task management
  • Weekly Reports

Tools You Will Use

  • WordPress
  • Google Ads Editor
  • Ad platforms ad management systems (for Amazon we use Teikametrics to manage, but no other software for the other ad platforms)
  • Gsuite of Tools: Mostly Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Grammarly
  • Hemmingway App (for longer-form ad text)
  • Canva to create optimized images (training also can be provided if no experience, plus we have designers too)
  • Any app or software you’re already comfortable with
  • ClickUp for SOPs, Project, and Task Tracker
  • WhatsApp for Text Chat
  • Zoom for Video Calls


  • You MUST have experience with Google Search Ads and Google Shopping Ads
  • You MUST know the basic principles of media planning so you can implement them across multiple platforms
  • You MUST be detailed and organized and not intimidated to communicate issues when they occur

Terms of Hiring and Job Mechanics

  • There is a simple 5 step process to being hired. (see below)
  • There is a 90 day trial period
  • We are a Philippine company, so you will need to work normal business working hours Philippines time during the weekdays as that when we work
  • You will be asked to do a test project as part of the interview process and you may be timed on how long it takes
  • You will be working for 40 hours per week
  • Once hired, you will be using our project management platform ClickUp to record your time.
  • You are considered a service provider, not an employee of the company to start with
  • Compensation is commensurate with your experience and ranges from PHP 40,000 – 50,000
  • Payment is initiated by submitting a service invoice with the number of hours rendered each month. You will be paid within 5 days of submitting your invoice.

If any of the above is of any concern, please pass on the opportunity. We wish you a successful job search. 🙂


Here are the steps you will go through:

  1. Answer the below questionnaire. It will take around 20 minutes to complete.
  2. If pass, you will be invited to an initial video interview.
  3. If pass, you will be asked to perform a test task.
  4. If pass, you will be invited to a 2nd video interview.
  5. If pass, you will be offered a position.

If this position is of interest to you, please apply at the following link:

Thanks, and good luck!