Medical Team Advisor

We are seeking MD’s to edit already written health-related articles. Most of the articles are focused towards men’s health (general health and sexual health), herbal supplements and the benefits of herbs as alternative medicine.

We are a herbal health supplement company. Our products are sourced from the regions where they are cultivated best and indigenous to that land. Most of our customers are men who are looking for natural ways to improve their sexual health and overall well-being. We sell our products all over the world.

While our articles are thoroughly researched, we need to further verification of the quality of our content by a healthcare professional to ensure our readers, subscribers and customers get the highest quality of content we are able to provide them.

In order to do that we are building a medical advisory team to further review our current and future content. The team will be displayed in the company about page with a short bio of each individual along with a link to LinkedIn. The article will have the author’s name, and once it has been reviewed and verified it will have “Reviewed by [company name] medical team”, with no individual name mentioned.

NOTE: An article will not receive the “Reviewed by [company name] medical team” until has been reviewed.

Must Requirements:
* Must have an accredited MD
* Provide an avatar including a photo, bio, and a link to your LinkedIn profile for the medical advisory team section of our website.
* Experience using Google Docs Preferred

The work includes:
* reading/editing articles in Google Docs
* ensuring the statements are factually based on the research cited
* check there is the use of a friendly tone and suggest ways to improve when possible
* help turn medical jargon into content that a novice can understand when possible
* add additional content when needed to give better context to the existing content or rewrite content to improve its delivery and conciseness.

We have plenty of articles to get started and we generate a couple pieces of new content every 1 to 2 weeks.

[Currently Closed]