Research Team Associate

We are seeking a researcher and writer to write health-related articles. Most of the articles are focused towards men’s health, men’s sexual health, fitness, natural remedies to common health problems, herbal supplements and the benefits of herbs as alternative medicine. Experience in herbal supplements is a plus.

Before you read any further…

Must Requirements:
– Must be willing to be public about your work writing the piece of content. We will have an author’s box for the author and a link to our medical team which you would be included as one of our researchers. This bio will stay on the website for the life of the website.
– Must be willing to include your LinkedIn profile in your bio. If you have any other of professional credentials to link to and are willing to then we may include that as well.
– You should be ok with writing about men’s sexual health. We will show you examples on our website to give you an idea of the type of content we’ve written in the past so there are no surprises. We aim to be professional about how we approach our topics and expect the same from our writers.

If this is ok with you, then read on.

We are a herbal health supplement company. Our products are sourced from the regions where they are cultivated best and indigenous to that land. Most of our customers are middle-aged men who are looking for natural ways to improve their sexual health and overall well-being.

The articles…

These articles should be informative, engaging and professional with a touch of friendly tone. You must be able to think outside the box and be able to do research on the topics given, be creative and cite your references to published studies. Occasionally you may be asked to write 10,000+ word guides with the goal of being the best piece of content on that subject on the internet.

You will be provided topics and seed keyword lists. It will be your responsibility to organize the use of the keywords and to determine the best logical flow of the content based on the keywords and topic. Content should be optimized for SEO based on Yoast SEO’s plugin for SEO and Readability recommendations so when we add the content to our website it is fully optimized already.

Content will range from 1,500 to 4,000 words depending on the type of content being written.

Your work will then be further verified for quality, accuracy, and conciseness by another member of our medical advisory team to ensure our readers, subscribers and customers get the highest quality of content we are able to provide them.

The work includes:
– writing draft articles on topics provided to you
– ensuring the statements are factually based on the research cited and relevant to the content it’s linking from in the article
– use a friendly tone with a touch of humor is encouraged (humor should not be towards a health condition)
– be able to turn medical jargon from research into content that a novice can understand and put into action when possible
– take feedback given from peer review editing process and add additional content when needed to give better context to the existing content or rewrite content to improve its delivery and conciseness.
– Finalize the content and draft it onto the website which is in WordPress.
– You may also be asked to look at content already on our site to fact check, check the references, make updates as needed to make it more of a friendly tone and turn medical jargon into content that a novice can understand and put into action

If this sounds like you and you are interested in being part of our medical advisory team then we would love for you to apply.

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