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Korean Ginseng
  • All-round supplement to improve health

  • Clinically effective sexual enhancer

  • Patented Korean extraction for maximum ginsenoside concentration (13%)

The king of herbs: Korean Red Ginseng

Throughout history, Korean Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) has been one of the most sought after medicinal herbs. The word “Panax” comes from the Greek word panacea, which means “all healing”. For thousands of years, Korean red ginseng has been used as an aphrodisiac, to treat erectile dysfunction, as a stimulant and to increase longevity among many other health benefits.

In ancient times, herbalist though that plants that have resemblance to a certain body part were meant to treat that part of the body. Korean Red Ginseng has an unique shape that resembles a human body, hence, since ancient times it has been used to treat the whole human body. Modern science have confirmed those health benefits in study after study, demonstrating clinical efficacy for a variety of illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, anemia, viral suppression, osteoporosis, menopause and erectile dysfunction.

Korean Red Ginseng is considered nowadays as a powerful adaptogenic plant. The health benefits Korean Red Ginseng provides come from a kind of phytochemicals found in the plant called Saponins. Saponins are composed in the plant as part of its immune system. When Saponins are consumed they help activate cellular functions in the body. Specifically, a kind of Saponins called Ginsenosides gives Korean Red Ginseng its unique health properties not found in other plants.

Health benefits of Korean Ginseng

Traditionally, Korean Ginseng has been used as an energy tonic. Today, it has been found to contain about 32 types of ginsenosides, these are the chemical compounds to which ginseng owe its effect. Among all the different kinds of Ginsengs, Korean Ginseng contains the highest variety of ginsenosides.

Korean Ginseng has been shown to boost the immune system against disease and viral infection by stimulating production of white blood cells. As a tonic, Korean Ginseng is also known to provide energy for greater athletic performance, and improves blood circulation.

Korean Ginseng is also known to enhance fertility by improving sperm count in men, and an effective way to improve sex drive. According to a study published in the the Journal of Urology, 60% of the 45 men who have erectile dysfunction had improved their condition and even increased sexual vigor after taking Korean Ginseng.

The benefits of Korean Ginseng also favor women, as it was shown in studies that it tones the uterus, improve blood flow to the ovaries, and generally improves the chances of conception.

Bodybuilders also benefit from Korean Ginseng for strength and muscle gain. This is because Korean Ginseng contains panaxans – plant compounds that have anabolic effects for muscle building.

A host of studies has shown that Koren Ginseng provides the following benefits:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhance mental concentration
  • Strengthen and stimulate the central nervous system
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Help control diabetes
  • Treat impotence in males
  • Reverse or prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Improve heart action
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Reduce mental confusion and headaches
  • Treat high and low blood pressure
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Relieve chest congestion
  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome

Tired of the blue pill? Korean Red Ginseng has been used as a safe and natural ED herbal medicine for the last 5000 years

Although drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have revolutionised treatment in the last ten years, around 30 per cent of men who take them see no improvement. For these men, the only other options are to inject drugs straight into the penis, or use a pump that manually increases blood supply to the organ. Neither is very popular.

Over the past 2 decades, numerous controlled clinical studies have been conducted to assess whether ginseng can arouse or increase sexual response. What are the odds that Ginseng can improve your erectile dysfunction?  One older study showed that 60% of men were satisfied with sex and firm erections with Ginseng as opposed to 30% without. This is almost two thirds of the participants that were helped by Gingeng! The study authors summarized by saying that “in the group receiving ginseng, changes in early detumescence and erectile parameters such as penile rigidity and girth, libido and patient satisfactions were significantly higher than that of other groups”.  In other words, improvements were so strong that the actual thickness of the erect penis and the “hardness factor” were actually improved.  What else could you ask for, eh?

How does red Korean ginseng extract work?

A paper entitled “Ginseng, Sex Behavior, and Nitric Oxide,” published in the prestigious Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, examined the scientific evidence behind ginseng’s purported beneficial effects on sexual health. The authors stated that there is hard scientific evidence that certain active chemical ingredients in ginseng, called ginsenosides, have prosexual effects. In their own words, “There is good evidence that ginsenosides can facilitate penile erection by directly inducing the vasodilation and relaxation of penile corpus cavernosum. Moreover, the effects of ginseng on the corpus cavernosum appear to be mediated by the release and/or modification of release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells and perivascular nerves.”

Scientific study

 Murphy L, Jer-Fu Le T. Ginseng, sex behavior, and nitric oxide. Ann NY Acad Sci2002;962:372-7. – link

Why choose herbolab’s red Korean ginseng?

1. We provide pure and genuine red Korean ginseng straight from Korea

Red Korean ginseng is a delicate root that requires a very specific growing environment to produce the healthy ginseng saponings. Korea’s unique climate and soil is optimum for the Korean ginseng to grow. Although there are other varieties of Ginseng, only Korean ginseng grown in Korea can guarantee the maximum efficacy and quantity and variety of active components.

2. Our red Korean Ginseng is fermented for maximum absorption

Research has shown that many of the active compounds of ginseng, the ginsenosides, pass right through your stomach and small intestines without ever being assimilated by your body. Only when they reach the large intestine they start to ferment by your gut bacteria and absorbed by your body. However, this step is carried out right before being eliminated and might not be efficiently done by the time your body excretes it.

Herbolab’s red Korean ginseng is fermented using the same process that naturally occurs in your large intestine, resulting in a better, faster and more consistent absorption of the beneficial component of ginseng.

3. Our red Korean Ginseng is made using a patented Korean extraction method that ensures maximum ginsenoside content

Not all Korean ginsengs are equal. Ginsenosides can be destroyed due to the extraction process used, specially if done with heat, which result in a low efficacy product. Herbolab’s patented Korean extraction method uses an unique low temperature extraction that ensures maximum ginsenosides content. We are proud to guarantee a minimum of 12% ginsenoside content, a concentration that other companies can only dream of.

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Herbolab Korean Red Ginseng 1:10

  • 5

    Effects I've noticed, after one-month of daily use:
    improved stamina/cardio, increased reps at the gym, reduced abdominal fat, less "brain fog", and ultimately a greater sense of well-being. I also studied the importance of the substance called ginsenoside, the potent compound responsible for the general benefits of Korean Red Ginseng. This ginseng by Herbolab has maxed it out at 13%! Some supplements just use 1% or not declare it all so this is definitely something that would keep me buying their product.

  • 5

    I don't know how to explain it, but my erections have never felt so...dominating before. The strength of my erections are just...wow. This has made a lot of my girls say I'm the best they've ever had and makes them really hungry for more lol. I feel like I'm marketing this drug like the fake advertisements you see, but I have tried A LOT OF STUFF, and this coupled with weightlifting and cardio is the only that has fully worked to make me do more than my 1000% in the bedroom. So I'm basically going to order a lot of this year in and year out. Girls better watch out! haha

  • 5

    Not going to be shy about it, I HAD issues with hardness before I took this While my ED is nowhere near clinically diagnosed, it is an intermittent problem; sometimes I perform great and things are going splendid, and other times I'm maintaining only a partial erection for most of a session. As a picky single male, you can imagine the headache and anxiety this causes when I do meet someone I like and need to perform well. After a few days with this ginseng, and aftr combining it with a bit of exercise, I'm a beast now. My erections felt so powerful and raw, it was like it had a life of its own. Thanks Herbolab!

  • 4

    Great quality ginseng. Took 2 weeks to reach me which is more that what it was stated in the shipping information.

  • 5

    I'm a "morbidly obese" woman who works virtually from the comforts of my home computer all day. My energy was running so low I needed a nap to get through the second half of the day. Yes, fat people have some of the lowest energy in their bodies in the planet so don't judge me if I don't move around much. Moving on, after using this product for two weeks, the naps were gone and productivity was way up! I feel like I'm always high on something cleaner than the usual caffeine pills. I've now restarted my exercise program and am losing weight. I expect to be using this product for the foreseeable future! Worth every penny!

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Korean Ginseng
  • All-round supplement to improve health

  • Clinically effective sexual enhancer

  • Patented Korean extraction for maximum ginsenoside concentration (13%)