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Buying Tongkat ali in Singapore

Where can I buy the Herbolab Tongkat Ali in Singapore. Thanks

Can I combine maca and tongkat ali?

Hello herbolab team. I’m 43 years old and happily married to my wife for the last 15 years. Over the course of our marriage, we’ve had days where we were…

Can take tongkat ali with viagra?

Hi Can take tongkat Ali n Viagra in the same day Pls advice


Concerned About Sumatra Pasak Bumi

Hi, I came across your tongkat ali extract while doing research on tongkat ali products. I was ready to buy from you guys until I read on that your…

Concurrently taking other pills with Tongkat Ali

Hi, Currently I’m taking BLUENAND Citrulline. But it was only taken before bedtime. Can I take Tongkat Ali 1:200 on the daytime? Will both pill “crash” each other? Please advice….

Diabetes II and tongkat ali

Hi, My husband, 50 years old, is a diabetes II patient. Everyday he has to take medicine regularly. In his case, can he take Tongkat Ali Extract? Any bad effect…

Difference between 200:1 vs 1:200

What is the difference in Tongkat Ali being listed as 200:1 vs 1:200 ?

Does increased testosterone create hair loss

I’ve heard that people suffering from hair loss have used products like saw palmetto which stops the hair loss but also decreases testosterone.  My question is, does an increase in…

Dosage tongkat ali

How often and what dose do I take Tobg Kat Ali. I want to tibe and build and increase libido and testesterone levels naturally .. an bonus to increase penis…