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First time to Buy Online tongkat ali in Ireland

Hello from Ireland, I came across your website and products during my online research into low libido/low testosterone. I never purchased supplements online before so I am a little sceptical…

Ginseng cycling

Taking Siberian Ginseng and effects are wearing off after 20 days (as per the russian study i later found out). Can I now hop onto a real ginseng such as…

HIV Positive

I am in South Africa and I am having erectile Dysfunction. I am reading your articles on Maca and Tongkat Ali. They look good and can be able to helpme…

how long until the effects of tongkat ali are permanent??

I been taken it for about a two weeks how much longer until the effects are permanent.??

How strong is ginseng as a testosterone booster?

Dear site owners I bought a bottle of ginseng capsules because I want an extra serving of sex drive in my 40’s. It may sound weird now but if you…

How to Get Tongkat Ali in India

how i get tongkat ali extract from you as i am living in new delhi, india

How to get tongkat ali in Nigeria

how do I get tongkat ali shipped to kaduna (Nigeria), West Africa? Thanks

I have HypoThyroid, is there any side effects for me to take these?

Do i need to worry about anything with my HYPOTHYROID condition? also how long does it take for the product to arrive to Pennsylvania?

Is tongkat ali extract like viagra?

Hello herbolab. I’m Mark Martinez, a resident of the Philippines. I’m 26 years old and I want to add something to my supplements namely tongkat ali extract. I was browsing…

L-Arginine with Tongkat Ali?

Can I take L-arginine with TA? And if yes how do cycle between. The reason why I’m asking, I’m on my second bottle and I really don’t see any result…