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Malaysian ginseng and tongkat ali?

Hello friend. I’m a man in my late 50s looking to get his male strength back. I’m pretty healthy and I’m not as fat as others who are the same…

Phyto Andro tongkat ali – legit?

Dear, I’m a working professional residing in Malaysia. As you might know in Malaysia there are countless of tongkat ali brands. I have been a tongkat ali user for a…

Questions: tongkat ali to Boost Sperm Count

Hi there, hope this email finds you well. I have placed an order for Tongkat Ali order, just wanted to ask you how long do the effects last if i…

REd or brown tongkat ali?

I have been researching tongkat Ali and am already an order from your website. Is yours the black variety as oppose to the red and brown one and if so…

Shipping tongkat ali to Abu Dhabi

Do you ship tongkata li to Abu Dhabi in UAE? If yes then in how many days ?

Shipping tongkat ali to Bangladesh

hi can you ship your product to bangladesh? please advice regards

Take tongkat ali on empty stomach or with food?

Should Tongat Ali be taken on an empty stomach, or can it be taken with food?


Hello Fran, Will Maca or other testosterone pills increase the size of my testicles?   How can I grow my balls bigger permanently? Please advise.   Thanks.  Anonymous

Testicles and Penis Size Improvement

hi am 25 and I have small testicles and I want to make them bigger and healthier and improve my sperm count and sex drive and penis size is tongkat…

Tongkat Ali 1:200 Overdose

The suggested daily intake of Tongkat Ali 1:200 is 4 capsules per day, and it is known that each capsule contains 300mg of Tongkat Ali, equiv. to 1200mg per day….