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Tongkat ali and broccoli

I had read that when taking tongkat ali, one should not eat broccoli. Since I’m on a completely organic/paleo diet and am limited to steamed green vegetables and sometimes certain…

Tongkat Ali and Maca together

Can I take both Tongkat Ali and Maca together?

Tongkat Ali Cycle

Hi, Approximately 2 months ago I ordered my first set of tongkat and maca from you. after a week of use ( first 2×1 per day, building up to 2×2…

Tongkat ali in Hong kong

I am interested in your Tongkat Ali pills. I live in Hong Kong, where to buy in HK ?

Tongkat Ali or Ginseng?

I was wondering whether I should go for Tongkat Ali or Ginseng. I’m 28 years old and single but I’m quite sexually active. I take pride at what I can…

Tongkat Ali powder Saudi Arabia

I want get the togkat ali power ETUMAX. Wer can i get tonkat ali power in saudi arabia

Tongkat ali store in Philippines

Just want to ask where can we buy your products like the maca and tongka tali here in the philippines. What is the name of your authorize dealers/importers. Hoping for…

Tongkat ali to Germany

Do you ship to Germany? Please be honest, and will I have to pay customs…..

What is the shelf life of Tongkat Ali root extract 1:200?

IS there a shelf life prescribed for tongkat ali? Are there any storage conditions?

What is tongkat ali coffee?

This will seem really, really stupid but is there such a thing as tongkat ali coffee? I heard it’s basically like coffee except you either put tongkat ali in it…