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Diabetes II and tongkat ali


Hi, My husband, 50 years old, is a diabetes II patient. Everyday he has to take medicine regularly. In his case, can he take Tongkat Ali Extract? Any bad effect on his diabetes problem? If yes, what will be suitable dosage for him? What would be your suggestion to take Tongkat Ali Extract & Maca? He never takes such kind before. Thank you. Regs

Brylle John Carbonell

Thanks for reaching out to us.

It is important to differentiate taking Tongkat Ali to lower blood sugar like some diabetics do (article from taking Tongkat Ali for Erectile Dysfunction (article If the Erectile Dysfunction is developed because of ageing and lack of testosterone, then Tongkat Ali can help. However, if ED was developed as an effect of diabetes (losing sensation in the penis) this is more tricky situation and the effect in erection could be mild, if any at all.

Now, for the your question if he can take Tongkat Ali. For borderline diabetic tongkat ali might be a viable alternative to the synthetic medication available but for severe diabetes, they are probably better off taking prescriptions from the doctor.

For your question with regards to taking Tongkat Ali and Maca, this is a tough question as it depends on many factors, including what you are trying to achieve. But as a general pointer we can say that Tongkat Ali is best for most sexual-related problems. Maca is best for general health, energy and hormonal balance. Most customers benefits from combining them together.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. Please keep in mind that you should always consult a doctor. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

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