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First time to Buy Online tongkat ali in Ireland


Hello from Ireland, I came across your website and products during my online research into low libido/low testosterone. I never purchased supplements online before so I am a little sceptical and I suppose I am looking for some reassurance from you 🙂 I have purchased various supplements in stores here in Ireland but the potency is terrible. How can I trust these products and be sure I will get the results I have read on your site? Thank you in advance for your assistance and advice 🙂 regards, Ger

Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc
Hi Ger,

Hello from Singapore :). I understand what you mean, in the sexual department there is so much stuff out there (often making outlandish claims) that is hard to know who’s for real. The truth is, tongkat ali and maca are probably the two best products to increase libido, but mind you, they will not work the same for everyone.

In a nutshell, there are two important factor playing a role here. (1) the cause of your low T/libido and (2) your response to the products. So tongkat ali is proven to raise T, that you would know already. Maca balances hormones and increases desire (the exact mechanism still not well understood)

Now for (1), if the cause of your low libido is high stress or some psychological problem, then these products might have a low impact (mind you, some people report better mood, but if the stress is off-the-roof it will do little). However if it is in fact low T (you can always have it checked), then it comes into play (2), which is the response of your body to the products.

It sounds complicated, but all in all I can say that about 70-80% of customers experience benefits, which is quite good for a natural product. Definitely they are much more potent than most of the stuff in the shelves, so it’s worth a shot.

Please let me know if I can help you further.

Best regards,