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Does increased testosterone create hair loss


I’ve heard that people suffering from hair loss have used products like saw palmetto which stops the hair loss but also decreases testosterone.  My question is, does an increase in testosterone CAUSE hair loss?  Has anyone taking tongkat ali ever suffered from hair loss if they weren’t already before taking it?

Brylle John Carbonell
Hi there,
This topic has been covered many times by reputable websites. I will quote askmen here:
The internet, of course, is rife with bloggers that (rightly) shift the focus away from testosterone and onto DHT, all the while disregarding the fact that the real clincher is genetic predisposition. So rather than worry about hormone levels or enzymes, simply look at your dad.
In a nutshell, taking tongkta ali won't make you go bald, testosterone and hair loss are not directly correlated.
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Baldness doesn't come from your dad, it comes from your mother... so instead you should look at your mothers father to check out your genetics