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how long until the effects of tongkat ali are permanent??


I been taken it for about a two weeks how much longer until the effects are permanent.??

Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc
Good day and thank you for posting your question. 
For Tongkat Ali1:200 to deliver optimal results it must be taken consistently over time. The time to experience the firsts results vary person to person, but from experience it seems that the average time is about 2 weeks.
The bad news is that any effects any supplement can bring will disappear over time when you stop taking the supplement. That's life.

The good news is, it can help you "snowball" positive change that will last. Meaning to say, because of the positive changes that you see when you started taking the products you will get motivated to join the gym, which will bring even more positive change. Then you may be inspired to quit smoking and stop drinking and have a healthier lifestyle. That's theg snowball effect. You will need less product to support the level of effect after some time. Tongkat Ali will be used as support instead of the main means. 
Also, there are other things you can do to boost your testosterone even more. Supplementation accompanied with other techniques to increase testosterone can help you a lot. For a really good article about how to achieve this check this guide to increase testosterone naturally.
If you have further questions or other concerns please feel free to post your questions or send us an email. 
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Airynne June
Customer Care Specialist