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How strong is ginseng as a testosterone booster?


Dear site owners

I bought a bottle of ginseng capsules because I want an extra serving of sex drive in my 40’s. It may sound weird now but if you get to my age, you’ll understand.

Anyway, so I bought a bottle of ginseng capsules as recommended by a friend who said had wondrous effects on him just after a few weeks of popping them in. He was livelier, stronger, and seems to have regained his lost manliness back. He almost did a somersault and for old guys like us, a half somersault might as well be a full somersault.

It then dawned on me: how strong or potent are these things? My friend told me he took them a few hours before he and his wife met while other articles mentioned I should cycle male supplements. I mean, is one capsule a week enough or should I just take them on occasion? Can I take more than two capsules of ginseng if I want to have prolonged energy?

Thank you for your answers

Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc
Hi there,
Thanks for posting your question. Let me explain, first addressing the question of the testosterone boosing property of ginseng. I should start by saying that to date, there is no evidence that taking ginseng does in fact increase testosterone, as you can see by this study. However, it is well known that ginseng does promote male sexual health wellness, in particular with libido and erection quality.
If your concern is just testosterone, there are better testosterone boosters like tongkat ali. However, both tongkat ali and ginseng can have benefits for guys, so it can be a good idea to take them together.
Now regarding the dosage, many people think that these kind of supplements should be cycled. There is some consensus about the need to cycle tongkat ali, but it is less clear when it comes to ginseng. Some people think that ginseng should be taken every day while others think it should be cycled. In my opinion, I think you could take it as long as you notice you are getting benefits from it, if at some point the effects fade, then might be the best time to give it a rest and start taking it after some time (1-2 weeks).
Hope that answered your questions,
Best regards,