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Why Cycle Tongkat Ali?


why we should take tongkat ali in cycle means not everyday but on and off?what is the benefit doing so?

Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc

The effects of Tongkat Ali accumulate gradually. However, it is also important to leave a “resting period” to avoid your body getting accustomed to Tongkat Ali. It is recommended to rest half the time you take Tongkat Ali. For example: If you take it for 4 days in a row, rest 2. Or if you take it for 2 days, rest on the third, then take it for another 2, then rest on the third, etc. If you are taking Tongkat Ali long term, I believe it is a good idea to let your body rest for a longer period after 2-3 months of cycles (you can take 1 month break or so).

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I've not read one scientific article regarding cycling.
It sounds more like folklore. As if TA is some sort of steroid, which it is not. It helps the body "possibly" increase testosterone, it is not a testorone supplement like a steroid.
Your body will not get used to it if it helps your system produce testosterone. If it does help, it means if you stop, your body will revert back to its previous production.