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Will your tongkat ali product cure me of erectile dysfunction?


It is common for old men to have erectile dysfunction it seems but even in my 30s, I seem to have somehow got this condition early.

It all happened when my wife and I were just fooling around in the bedroom. Nothing too erotic or romantic, the usual making out as we try to get our relationship a bit more romantic. Then as we, uh, progressed, I realized right then and there that I wasn’t getting physically aroused. It was weird as I’m pretty sure I wanted sex that night and my wife seemed to want sex too but unfortunately my body wasn’t responding the way it should be.

Now I’m aware this could be related to certain psychological causes of ED but I want to at least try out an affordable male supplement first before I pay a therapist wads of cash for casual advice.

So this brings me to my question: will tongkat ali help me cure my ED? My wife and I haven’t had sex since that night and I’m sure she wants to feel like a man wants her in bed and I don’t want to see her do things that may cause a fracture in our happy marriage.

Thank you very much for your help.

Fran Sanchez, BSc MSc
Hi there,

Thanks for posting your question.

First of all, let me tell you that having an erection problem every now and then is actually not so uncommon, even for perfectly healthy people . For an erection to happen there are many things that need to work perfectly, from your mind to your nerves, blood vessels, hormones, etc, and disruptions in some of them can occur from time to time naturally causing an erection problem.

ED becomes a problem when it happens consistently over time, and it's then when men usually are concerned about it and start to seek treatments or options for improvement.

Health supplements like tongkat ali can be one of such options to improve the erection. Make sure to check this post on tongkat ali and Erectile Dysfunction.

It is important to note that tongkat ali does not "cure" ED. Is not like you can take tongkat ali and your erection problems are forever gone, there is no miracle cure like that. Tongkat ali helps increase testosterone naturally and this have many benefits, one of which is improving erection quality. Often times older guys have lower testosterone levels and this affect the erection quality, when testosterone is increased the quality of the erection can be improved.

Hope that answers your question.

Best of luck,