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Supports healthy testosterone levels to promote sexual health, muscle mass, strength, and better mood*†.

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Tongkat Ali

414 Ratings
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Product Reviews
by Callie E.

I've been taking this supplement to help me with my cycle. I've been having irregular periods but since I started taking this tongkat ali, I've noticed big changes on my cycle. My periods now come regularly and the moods have also improved. Overall, I just feel healthier and more energized.

by Waylon Q.

This tongkat ali from Herbolab is, hands down, the most effective I've tried. It's easy to take, no weird side effects, and it's flavorless. It also helped me improve nearly all aspects of my health, so for the price, it's really worth it!

by Xander A.

I've tried other tongkat ali supps in the past and none of them did me good the same way that Herbolab did. This product is straight up legit and it works as promised - no false advertisements and fillers. You just know you're getting the real thing because it works!

† Results may vary.

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Herbolab. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews.

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Discover Why Herbolab Is the Tongkat Ali Expert

Since 2013, 8,734 men like you are already using our tongkat ali.

What is Tongkat Ali?

tongkat ali plantTongkat Ali is a plant native to a few countries in South-East Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is grown in smaller quantities in Laos, Vietnam, and India. The plant also referred to as Eurycoma longifolia, Pasak Bumi, or long jack is a tall medicinal plant traditionally used in these regions for its aphrodisiac, anti-estrogen and pro-erectile benefits. [1]Rehman, S. U., Choe, K., & Yoo, H. H. (2016). Review on a Traditional Herbal Medicine, Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali): Its Traditional Uses, Chemistry, Evidence-Based Pharmacology and Toxicology. Molecules, 10;21(3):331. doi: 10.3390/molecules21030331

Testosterone levels of men have been decreasing for decades. [2]Anawalt, B. D., & Page, S. T. (2016). Testosterone and the brain: the power of a negative study. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 4(8), 632-633. And while it has been generally believed that Testosterone production naturally declines with age, research on this topic shows that the decline in testosterone with age is the result (not the consequence) of deteriorating health. [3]Liu, Z., Liu, J., Shi, X., Wang, L., Yang, Y., & Tao, M. (2015). Dynamic alteration of serum testosterone with aging: a cross-sectional study from Shanghai, China. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 13(1), 111. This research shows that age alone does not cause testosterone levels to drop and points to the fact by improving your health through the right lifestyle and nutrition, you could improve your testosterone levels.

Discover the Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Supports Sexual Health*

Research shows that tongkat ali may have a positive effect on erection, libido and sperm quality. *† [4]Udani, J. K., George, A. A., Musthapa, M., Pakdaman, M. N., & Abas, A. (2014). Effects of a proprietary freeze-dried water extract of Eurycoma longifolia (Physta) and Polygonum minus on sexual performance and well-being in men: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2014, Article ID 179529, 10 pages.

Increase Muscle Mass and Strength*

Testosterone has been shown to increase strength and muscle mass and reduce body fat. *† Early studies show that tongkat ali might help increase muscle mass and power output when paired with adequate exercise. *† [5]Yusof, S. M., Zakaria, Z., Karim, A. A. H., Aiman, S., & Kadir, Z. (2016). Enhancement Effects of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) Supplementation on Performance Functions Following Strength Training in Middle-Aged Women. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Colloquium on Sports Science, Exercise, Engineering and Technology 2015 (ICoSSEET 2015) (pp. 3-13). Springer, Singapore.

Improve Your Mood*

Scientific studies indicate that daily supplementation with tongkat ali root extract can improve stress hormone profile and certain mood state parameters. This suggests that this “ancient” remedy may be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress, including general day-to-day stress, as well as the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and exercise training. *† [6]Talbott, S., Talbott, J., George, A., & Pugh, M. (2013). Effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects. Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition, 10(1), 28. doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-10-28

Why Choose Herbolab’s Tongkat Ali?

We Are One Of the Few Companies Selling Standardized Tongkat Ali

More Reliable Than Extract Ratios Such as 200:1

Tongkat ali products are popular worldwide, however, the number of counterfeit tongkat ali products on the market is staggering. A 2015 study conducted in Malaysia analyzed major tongkat ali brands and discovered that a shocking 41% of products did not contain any tongkat ali at all. [7]Norhidayah, A., Vejayan, J., & Mohamed, M. Y.  (2018). Detection and Quantification of Eurycomanone Levels in Tongkat Ali Herbal Products. Journal of Applied Sciences, 15(7): 999-1005. doi: 10.3923/jas.2015.999.1005 A ratio such as 50:1, 100:1 and 200:1 can’t actually be verified, anyone can claim to have concentrated tongkat ali without offering any proof.

Luckily, tongkat ali studies have shed some light on the active components of tongkat ali. One of such components, namely Eurycomanone, has been linked to several of tongkat ali benefits. Eurycomanone can be identified and quantified by a lab technique called HPLC, opening a new era for tongkat ali products: standardized tongkat ali extract. By measuring Eurycomanone, you are guaranteed to get the real thing. Learn more about why you should only buy standardized tongkat ali.

How Does Your Standardized Tongkat Ali
Compare to 200:1 Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat ali usage as a traditional remedy was born in Malaysia. Therefore, is not surprising that Malaysia is the leading country for tongkat ali usage and main exporter of tongkat ali products in the world. As eurycomanone has been identified as a reliable marker to determine the presence and potency of tongkat ali preparations, the government of Malaysia has established the MS 2409:2011 regulation, which states that the eurycomanone level for tongkat ali herbal preparation in the market as measured by HPLC should be above 0.8% [8]Phytopharmaceutical Aspect Of Freeze-Dried Water Extract From Tongkat Ali Roots (MS 2409:2011). Malaysia: Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia. 2011. Retrieved 2016-08-17 (typically in the range of 0.8-1.5%). This regulation applies in addition to other safety measures such as microbial load and heavy metal content.

The MS 2409:2011 regulation has a very important implication, Malaysian companies (such as our trusted manufacturer) that sell tongkat ali products must have over 0.8% eurycomanone content to claim that their product contains tongkat ali as well as comply with safe levels of microbiological and heavy metal measures, else they would be breaking the law.

At Herbolab we have gone beyond the minimum 0.8% eurycomanone content, we promise a potency of at least 2% eurycomanone for every batch. This promise is not something that a company selling 200:1 tongkat ali can uphold, because they do not know how potent their tongkat ali is or even if their tongkat ali is genuine at all!

Tongkat Ali FAQ

How do I take Herbolab's Tongkat Ali?

The recommended usage is 4 capsules per day: 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. However, we recommend to start with half the dosage and up your dose every week until reaching the desired effect(s). Tongkat ali is often taken in cycles, where you take the product for some days and then rest, The most common cycle is to rest half of the time you take it (example: take it for 4 days, then rest 3) though you could also adjust the cycling to whatever works for you.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work?

While individual response may vary, survey data reveals that our customers start to notice changes after about 2 weeks.

What is black, red and yellow tongkat ali?

Black, Red and Yellow Tongkat Ali are all unrelated medicinal plants that share a similar common name in some regions of Malaysia. However, the name Tongkat Ali is most commonly in reference to yellowTongkat Ali (yellow) or Eurycoma longifolia, of the family: Simaroubaceae. The other roots that share this name are:

Black Tongkat Ali  = Species: Polyalthia bullata, Family: Annonaceae
Red Tongkat Ali / Akar Haji Samat =  Species: Jackia (Jackiaopsis) ornata, Family: Rubaceae

Each of these herbs is used in Malaysian traditional medicine for energy and sexual dysfunction, however, only Eurycoma longifolia has a large body of supporting scientific research for its effects related to boosting testosterone and male sexual health. In this website when we mention Tongkat Ali it refers to the botanical species Eurycoma longifolia.

What are the side effects or adverse reactions of Tongkat Ali?

In some occasions some mild side effects could manifest. These side effects could include: Insomnia, Restless, Increased aggressiveness, Face blush, testicular pressure, heart palpitations. If you experience any side effects after taking Tongkat Ali please discontinue its usage and consult a doctor.

Is your Tongkat Ali Halal or vegetarian safe?

All our supplement capsules are vegetarian and vegan-friendly hence, making them halal as it is not derived from pork. We use vegetarian cellulose capsules only.

For how long will I need to take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat ali effects are normally seen within 2 weeks or so, and you can continue to take the supplement for as long as you like. There are no known problems for taking tongkat ali long-term.

Where is your Tongkat Ali produced?

Our tongkat ali is harvested and produced in the tropical forest of Malaysia, where tongkat ali grows in the wild. 

Do I need a doctor's prescription to take Tongkat Ali

No, tongkat ali is a natural product and can be bought without a prescription. You should, however, consult your doctor prior to any supplement use.

Is Tongkat Ali suitable for women?

Women can benefit from taking tongkat ali, we wrote an article about Tongkat ali benefits for women.

Is there a chance that I won't experience any benefits after taking Tongkat Ali?

Yes there is a chance that you won’t experience any benefits. All benefit listed as well as experience of customers vary individually.

Is tongkat ali recommended for a healthy young man?

Tongkat ali should be taken by persons of the age of 18 or older. Most studies on tongkat ali focus on older males, hence insuficient data is available to recommend the product to younger males.

Can diabetics use tongkat ali?

A study conducted on the benefits of tongkat ali for diabetes found that the herb may be effective in regulating blood sugar levels in the body*. [9]Ulbricht, C., Conquer, J., Flanagan, K., Isaac, R., Rusie, E., & Windsor, R. C. (2013). An evidence-based systematic review of tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration. Journal of Dietary Supplements, 10(1), 54-83.

The researchers added that the study participants reported no adverse side effect. However, the herb works better with people who make some lifestyle changes like regular exercise, adequate sleep, frequent exposure to sunlight, and a reduction in the consumption of carbohydrate*.

Are there any interactions or contraindications with tongkat ali?

There are certain products that don’t go well with Tongkat Ali. For example, you should avoid saw palmetto or pygeum. They block the hormone necessary to achieve an increased sexual drive.

There are some foods that could hamper the testosterone boosting effect of Tongkat Ali, these are garlic and soy products (in large amounts), Broccoli, cauliflower and other cabbage-derived vegetables.

Diabetics should pay extra attention as Tongkat Ali may lower the sugar level in blood. Anyone with hormone-related cancer, taking immunodepressants, with heart disease, sleep apnea or kidney disease are encouraged to talk to their doctor before taking Tongkat Ali. You should talk to your doctor if you are taking prescription medication.

Why is your tongkat ali color light brown?

Dark color tongkat ali powder is the result of a traditional extraction method that involves air drying the tongkat ali powder. During this drying process, the powder becomes dark due to oxidation.

Our tongkat ali used to be dark color but we switched to a more modern extraction technique that doesn’t involve air drying, hence there is no oxidation and the color of our tongkat ali powder is light brown/beige. More important than the color of the powder is the fact that our tongkat ali is standardized for Eurycomanone content, hence we can guarantee genuine tongkat ali.

How do I know your Tongkat Ali is authentic?

You are rightfully worried about the authenticity of tongkat ali products sold online. Due to the expensive market price for tongkat ali and the fact that the tree is becoming a depleted resource, manufacturers may intentionally substitute raw materials with cheaper materials and the product may not even contain tongkat ali at all. One method a company can ensure the authenticity of their tongkat ali powder is by providing third-party lab test results of Eurycomanone content (the active component in tongkat ali) of their tongkat ali powder.

At Herbolab we send every batch of our tongkat ali to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) (one of the leading institutions in tropical forestry research in the world) for evaluation of Eurycomanone content. We have these tests available to our customers so that they may request a proof of authenticity of our tongkat ali anytime by contacting us through email.

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Tongkat Ali

(414 customer reviews)

USD69.99 - USD55.99

Bundle Discounts Available

Supports healthy testosterone levels to promote sexual health, muscle mass, strength, and better mood*†.

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80 Capsules
>2% Eurycomanone
Third-party Batch Test Results
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Grown in Malaysia
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