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Maca is a biennial plant native to South America specifically the high Andes mountains of Peru. It was used to manage infertility and sexual dysfunction among the natives of Peru as well as an energy booster by the Incan warriors so as to be fierce on the battlefield. It has been found that maca contains properties that may be useful in aiding oxidative stress, prostate cancer, depression, low sperm count, low libido, diabetes and much more.

Also, it has been found to be beneficial in regulating important hormones in the body, enhancing mood state, protecting the skin from damage caused by direct exposure to sunlight, increasing endurance, and relieving stress amongst other things. There are many other amazing health benefits of maca. For more information on the benefits of maca and how it works, read on below and discover why the ancient and present-day Peruvian natives trust this herb to improve their health and that of their livestock.

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