Herbolab Wholesale and Affiliate Programs

Thank you for your interest in Herbolab products. If you want to earn money selling the best herbal supplements sourced from the regions their most famously known for, then Herbolab is the perfect choice. We have attractive referral commissions and wholesale discounts.

Why Herbolab?

High-potency Supplements

At Herbolab we only sell the highest quality ingredients, concentrated and standardized for their active components. This ensures you get maximum potency time after time.

Our Guarantee & Promise

We’re proud to offer you a 30-day (from shipment date) money-back guarantee on all products sold through Herbolab.com. Learn more about our Guarantees.

Just Facts

We cut through marketing hype and present each benefit statement and health claim with the adequate citation to support it so you can verify facts independently.

Why We Recommend Stacks and Why You Should Too

Synergistic Effect

A stack is group of different nutrients that work together to enhance the intended goal, which can produce a combined effect greater than the sum of each separate effect. In other words, by stacking the right supplements your customers could achieve a greater effect.

Built Just For Them

We do not believe in one-kind-fit-all formulas. Your customers have unique needs and will benefit most from a specific combination of ingredients. We have spent a lot of time making sure our customers get a personalized experience, something unprecedented in the supplements industry.

Full Transparency

Unlike other companies, we don’t use proprietary formulas. Proprietary formulas do not contain the actual quantity of each ingredient and they typically have fillers, harmful ingredients, weak ingredients (not concentrated or standardized) and/or improper dosages in their supplements. With our stacks, your customers will get a potent ingredient at the right dose.

Wholesale Discounts

10 Bottles

25% Off

25 Bottles

30% Off

50 Bottles

35% Off

100 Bottles

40% Off

* Discounts are based on the full price, ongoing promotions can’t be combined with wholesale discounts.

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Affiliate Scheme

Earn 10% Of All Sales You Refer To Us

When you sign up for Herbolab Affiliate Program we’ll give you a special link to Herbolab that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You’ll earn income for every customer that purchases in Herbolab through your link.

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