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    How to Increase Ejaculate Volume 

    Today’s trends seem to focus on what we see on the internet. From getting a gym bug to trying that new app celebrities use. When it comes to men’s trends, it often revolves around improving their looks, strength, and, as funny as it sounds, penis. Though it remains to be a popular search query on Google, men are also looking to improve on another aspect of their manhood: ejaculation. Specifically how to increase ejaculate volume or how to ejaculate more.

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    It’s all about the ego, but there’s nothing wrong with having a boost of confidence when it comes to sex. Hey, women like the idea of being great in bed, so we men need to step it up a notch or two higher. Knowing how to increase ejaculate volume is a great first step in making sure your lover is just as happy as you are even though they won’t tell you.

    Tongkat Ali For Better Sexual Performance And Powerful Ejaculations

    Tongkat Ali allows its users to enjoy stronger erections and powerful ejaculation. Studies conducted on the effectiveness of the herb in improving erections found that it is effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men diagnosed with the condition. Tongkat ali is also useful in enhancing strong erection and powerful ejaculation in healthy men. [1]


    The average male may ejaculate about  2 – 5 mL. That’s around half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon. If you can ejaculate close to 10 mL, you’re definitely a cut above the rest. If you’re one of the men out there who just can’t produce that much OR wants to produce much more volume than your current, then read on. The guide will provide you with all the necessary information when it comes to knowing how to increase your ejaculate volume.

    Mostly stemming from the sheer popularity of male porn stars like Peter North, men who can shoot sperm as if they’re hosing down a burning house are regarded as bigger men among big men. But, how do you exactly improve a man’s ejaculate strength? Do you exercise or eat anything? How about pills and supplements? To clarify that, we could tackle exactly the how's and why’s when it comes to improving the male orgasm.

    Before we get to know just how to increase ejaculate volume, let us first go through some of the important reasons why we should even bother.

    Improving ejaculation: A gentlemen’s guide

    Why Is It Important To Improve Ejaculation?

    1. Testosterone Level

    Testosterone is the male hormone that impacts everything about the male body. Testosterone is responsible for maximizing muscle growth, hair growth, and to an extent our metabolism and longevity. Basically, testosterone defines our manliness, and being short in testosterone is the last thing you want as a man.

    When it comes to being a beast in the bedroom, testosterone determines not just how good you are and how long you last, but also the frequency of being in the mood aka libido or sex drive. Increased sex drive leads to an increase in sexual desire which your partner would very much like.

    2. Semen Volume Determines Fertility

    The amount of sperm you have in your body determines your ability to make a baby with your lover. You can say this is a primal instinct as showing evidence of fertility in the wild is considered a superior feature for the purpose of furthering the species. Needless to say, ancient women likely chose to produce offspring from males of superior fertility, and those who couldn’t get it up were left mateless, killing their line instantly.

    A low sperm count raises the odds against you even if your wife is as healthy as she can get. Moving forward, knowing how to increase ejaculate volume and strength not only guarantees an instant ego boost but also represents your reproductive health.

    3. Your Woman Wants It

    It’s no secret that men want to have more sperm gushing out of their tubes, but how about your lover? Women may tend to shy around these topics, but some might actually prefer it when men do release more. It’s primal in that they see you releasing so much in pleasure because of them and them alone. It’s like a way of telling whether you enjoyed lovemaking as much as they did.

    Not to mention how some women like it better when the semen tastes good. It tells them how you take care of yourself and more often than not, it makes you all the more attractive. So no, it’s not just a porn thing despite what many claim it to be.

    4. It makes you look manlier

    If you’ve dated a lot of girls in the past, you probably had at least a few incidents where you couldn’t really get it all out which either disappointed you, your partner, or both. It goes without saying that we men value quantity as much as we do quality and more ejaculate is always better.

    5. It’s like you’re young all over again

    Remember when you were young and you could ejaculate more often and sometimes several times afterward on the same day? As curious young men, we all definitely had our time of exploring our abilities and where they might end.

    Knowing how to increase ejaculate volume and actually applying it in your life might just make you get your rhythm back.

    Ejaculation Production & Composition

    The first step in learning how to ejaculate more is to understand what it is and how it is made. First, let’s clear a common misconception: Semen and Sperm are not the same things. If you mistook them as the same thing, don’t feel bad since the porn industry, as well as mainstream media, get this mixed up all the time.

    Semen is the fluid that is ejaculated when you orgasm. It’s the medium that carries the sperm, and its sole purpose is to make sure the sperm are able to swim as smoothly as possible. A good amount of semen increases the rate of fertility since it makes traveling to the egg cell that much easier.

    Sperm is the actual sperm cell or “swimmers” that fertilize an egg and leads to pregnancy. While the numbers say there are millions of sperm cells per ejaculate, they only really make up less than 5% of total semen volume. Hence, when you are looking to increase ejaculate volume you want to increase your semen volume, and when you want to be more fertile you want to increase your sperm quantity and/or quality.

    There is a lot more to ejaculation than sperm. In fact, it contains more than 50 different compounds [2].

    Some of these compounds include:

    • Vitamin C
    • Nitrogen
    • Lactic Acid
    • Uric Acid
    • Sodium
    • Potassium

    It also contains proteins that have an antimicrobial effect which explains why semen smells like chlorine [3].

    “Semen of healthy males had a higher antibacterial effect on S. albus than that of patients with symptoms of chronic prostatitis. There was a positive correlation between the antibacterial power of the semen of the patients studied and their content of zinc and magnesium, while no correlation was found with fructose and lysozyme or the number of spermatozoa in any of the groups. A positive correlation was found between the antibacterial capacity and the volume of the ejaculate in the patients but not among the controls. “

    Common Factors That Affect Ejaculation Volume

    Knowing how to increase ejaculate volume is great, but what’s also important is knowing what exactly affects ejaculation volume.

    • Water intake. This is the most obvious factor. Semen is largely made up of water molecules. If anything, the water used to produce semen is made up of “spare” water as the bulk of the water you drink goes through the more important organs and tissues first. If you don’t have enough water, or you barely drink anything throughout the day, don’t be surprised if you find yourself barely shooting anything out.
    • Diet and nutrition. Believe it or not, what you eat can affect ejaculate volume and produce healthy sperm. More than producing the substance, our diet plays a major role when it comes to getting and maintaining a strong erection. Foods high in zinc, vitamin D, and healthy fats may boost testosterone levels which may, in turn, help the body to produce more semen.
    • Age. Even if you do know everything about how to increase ejaculate volume, Father Time is an unstoppable force out to make you feel less manly almost every year after forty. It’s not entirely getting old that makes many men’s lives miserable. There are many factors that may speed up the aging process that decreases testosterone which results in a drastically lowered ejaculate volume. Not just ejaculate volume, even being aroused and having an erection may become a problem as you get past forty.
    • Genetics. This is the primary determining factor when it comes to ejaculating volume. There are people who are naturally capable of shooting a quarter of a cup with ease, and there are those who might barely fill a teaspoon. It’s just really how nature works, and there’s little we can do about it.
    • Arousal level. There’s this thing when it comes to how horny you are that may determine how much semen you’ll release. The brain plays a huge role in how much you’re capable of shooting out at the time. The more aroused you are, the bigger the volume. The level of excitement of being with someone new, the thrill of doing it in places you shouldn’t, or even the little playful things she does to you may make your body go 100% maximum semen release. When you get aroused so much, the body adjusts accordingly because its primal instinct is to assume the excitement is drawn from a mate that you see as worth this emotional sensation. One of the best ways to increase arousal is to do a LOT of foreplay, teasing, and almost but not quite penetrations and touching.
    • The time between orgasms. It goes without saying that the longer you save yourself, the more explosive your ejaculate may get once you do release them. If chronic masturbation decreases sperm quality and volume, then not actually touching yourself for a few days may produce the exact opposite effect. Try abstaining yourself. Try to go without masturbating or sex for a week or two and you would likely notice a huge difference when it comes to arousal and pleasure of release. Don’t be surprised if you blow out not just wads of semen, but if it also shoots farther or higher. For special occasions, two days without jacking off are usually enough. If not, at least probably four days. If it takes longer than that, you got a problem, son.
    • Sleeping habits. You may think of sleep as the last thing that would affect ejaculate volume, but it plays a bigger role in optimal testosterone production than you think. You see, the body recovers when we sleep. It regenerates the number of cells and substances used throughout the day, and our testosterone is no exception. One indication of good sleep is if you wake up with a boner. If you don’t get enough sleep, chances are you won’t wake up with morning wood.
    • Overall health (non-smoker, drinker). This part has more to do with lifestyle choices.
    • For alcohol, drinking too much may have a negative effect on our liver which in turn could increase estrogen production. Higher estrogen levels mean lower testosterone levels and result to lower sperm count and semen volume. Studies have shown that semen volume decreases the more you smoke [4]. Not only that, but it also negatively affects sperm motility, morphology, and even white blood cell count which may lead to male infertility [5]. We quote the study:

    “Cigarette smoking has a deleterious effect on some of the seminal fluid parameters (motility, morphology, and leukocyte count) which may, in turn, result in male subfertility. Therefore, we advise smokers to quit smoking…”

    How to Increase Ejaculate Volume

    When it comes to ejaculating, volume is king. The more fluid you can release, the more of a high you and your partner could have. Okay, maybe that last part was a bit exaggerated, but you get it. Anyway, there’s just something about seeing you become her personal sex fountain that makes the sex so much better. More is merrier in this case and fortunately for you, we have a few healthy and natural ways to increase the volume of your ejaculate.

    This section below will cover the things you can do right now to help you ejaculate more.

    1. Lifestyle Changes

    Drink plenty of fluids – As we mentioned earlier, much of our body relies on fluids (mostly water) and our ejaculation is no different. If you’re often shooting dry, then you may simply be dehydrated. Drinking more water or healthy juices may bring about not just a change in volume but in taste too. For the most part, getting properly hydrated already may let you have more ejaculate volume in no time at all. So make it a habit of drinking a pitcher or two of water if you’re having someone over for some bedtime fun later in the day.

    Don’t wear tight undies – This one may seem weird, but as it turns out wearing tight underwear is really bad for our tiny swimmers. Wearing tight underwear not only makes it uncomfortable for our little men down there but could also lead to a decrease in ejaculate volume.

    You must be thinking “How could wearing tight underwear decrease the amount of ejaculate I shoot?” Well, it is because our scrotal temperature is slightly lower than normal body temperature, and wearing tight underwear could make it too hot for sperm to survive. There’s also this neat research that says cold temperatures increase sperm motility more than warm temperatures or seasons. [6] It’s basically saying you have a better chance of knocking someone up in the winter than during the summer.

    Save them for a special occasion – When it comes to blowing loads, nothing beats saving them for a special occasion. When you and your partner have it planned, you better make sure to abstain from orgasm for at least one or two days. The body is capable of producing sperm at an amazing rate of 1500 every second [7]. This means you produce at least 130 million a day and that’s a lot, but each time you achieve orgasm, you lose a lot more than you want, and once your partner realizes that, she may think there’s something wrong with you or with how she did during sex. Worse, she might think you’re cheating on her!

    2. Supplements

    We promote natural food above all, and we believe you should try to get as many nutrients as you can get from your diet. But, we also believe in the concept of supplementation when it comes to filling in gaps in diet or supplementation for biohacking purposes. And you’re definitely going to want to biohack your ejaculate volume.

    You should be well aware by now that we have a lot of supplements that may help make our body function better. We have supplements that could boost our immune system, and grow bigger muscles, and supplements that may help us as we age. We also have specific supplements that may help our sex life become better and two of those supplements are Tongkat Ali and Maca. These supplements are known to be able to not only improve ejaculate volume but also provide other benefits that both men and women enjoy. So no, it’s not just to make your stiffy even stiffer.

    Eurycoma longifolia jack a.k.a. Tongkat Ali is a therapeutic herb native to Malaysia. This plant is popular in traditional medicine especially for the purpose of promoting a healthy libido and to support the normal hormone levels in men. This plant is also used by old men to treat age-related sexual disorders and to provide them with an extra boost of energy in their day. This herb has also been known to decrease stress and improve mood. [8]

    “These results indicate that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root extract improves stress hormone profile and certain mood state parameters, suggesting that this “ancient” remedy may be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress, which may include general day-to-day stress, as well as the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and exercise training.”

    Maca is a herb cultivated in the Andes Mountains in Peru. This plant was initially used as a source of nutrition by the native Andean people and was also used to treat a variety of illnesses such as anemia, sterility, and fatigue [9]. Like Tongkat Ali, Maca is now generally used as an aphrodisiac, but this herb can be used by both sexes [10].

    “Preliminary findings show that Lepidium meyenii (Maca) (3.5 g/d) reduces psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, and lowers measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women independent of estrogenic and androgenic activity.”

    Lecithin is another supplement capable of increasing overall semen volume and many men would swear by this when it comes to orgasm intensity and pleasure. Research says lecithin is an incredible ingredient capable of preserving sperm membranes [11].

    “ The present study demonstrated that lecithin can be considered as a suitable alternative to egg yolk in goat semen cryopreservation because it ensures higher fertilization rates and better protection from membrane damage by cold shock.”

    Maybe in some weird way or twist, the fact that lecithin may promote sperm survival contributes to the amount of sperm we actually release into the world when we do.

    Horny Goat Weed is a great herb that goes well with maca. It mainly functions by increasing blood flow to the penis and may result in stronger, and longer-lasting erections. The fact that Horny Goat Weed is a common treatment for erectile dysfunction means it’s not exactly a novel ingredient, to begin with. The best part? It’s not as potent as Viagra or Yohimbe which sometimes causes heart problems related to hypertension.

    While it doesn’t directly increase ejaculate volume per se, strengthening the erection itself might just elevate the pressure to a certain level that even a tiny amount would feel really, really good.

    Zinc is one of the most studied minerals of all time. Plenty of research links it to testosterone production, and the supplement industry made sure to capitalize on that. It’s known to both positively affect semen volume and promote fertility in men. [12]

    “Compared with when they were consuming 10.4 mg Zn/d, volunteers consuming 1.4 mg Zn/d exhibited decreased semen volumes and serum testosterone concentrations, and no change in seminal zinc concentrations. Compared with 10.4 mg Zn/d, treatments of 1.4, 2.5, and 3.4 mg Zn/d decreased the total semen zinc loss per ejaculation. Seminal loss accounted for 9% of total body zinc loss when 1.4 mg Zn/d was consumed.”

    We only do caution you when it comes to overdosing as Zinc toxicity is a real thing. Symptoms of zinc toxicity may include nausea, vomiting, cramps, pain, and really bad diarrhea. The overdose minimum is 300 mg per day, so make sure you don’t take any more than 200 mg just to be on the safe side.

    3. Courses and Digital Products

    Aside from supplementation and diet, you may also opt to use certain “programs” geared toward increasing ejaculate volume. Shoot Ropes is a complete guide to increasing ejaculation volume and shooting distance. Inside, you will find detailed information about diet, supplementation, and exercises you can do to improve your precious semen.

    Improving Ejaculation Taste

    Whether your partner spits or swallows, one thing’s for sure: they get to taste your love juice. It may be a fetish for one or both parties, but regardless at least one of you will know if you’re eating right. You can tell whether they liked the experience based on what their face is telling you and if it doesn’t taste nice, you’ll definitely know. For your partner’s benefit, making semen taste better may not only make them love you for it but could get them more inclined to have sex with you.

    First things first: The taste of semen is affected by what you eat. Believe it or not, whether you eat a pitcher of pineapple juice or a quarter-pound burger will affect how your ejaculate tastes like. What we mean is, improving your diet can do wonders, not just for your body, but your sex life too [13]. This one study showed that dietary patterns do contribute to overall semen quality:

    “Our findings support the suggestion that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, and whole grains may be an inexpensive and safe way to improve at least one measure of semen quality.”

    Below are tips guaranteed to make you not only healthier but taste better too.

    1. Drink Pineapple Juice

    The rumors on pineapple juice making semen taste better are true. An actual experiment was conducted by a couple and it was shown to indeed make semen taste sweeter [14]. We kid you not, the blogger actually documented it for us:

    “Swishing him around my mouth, I realized it actually did taste significantly sweeter. Not crème brûlée sweet, but sweet enough to neutralize any harsh flavors. Gone was the bitter, sour, taste, and in its place was a neutral, lightly-sugary taste that was much more palatable than the original.

    To his delight, I let out an enthusiastic: “Mmmmm!” I was surprised and excited; maybe I could start to swallow without gagging!”

    Doesn’t that sound like it’s from an adult romance novel?

    Not only does drinking liters of pineapple juice make your ejaculate sweeter, but it was also noted how it was sweet enough to neutralize any harsh flavors such as bitterness and sourness.

    2. Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Other Narcotics

    These three offer nothing but negative effects on your health. We don’t need to dive in on how bad they are for you, but we do have to note that they make your semen quality really, really bad. For taste, they contribute to the bitterness of your semen. Alcohol can still be consumed in moderation, but keep in mind that alcohol is naturally bitter no matter how many fancy flavors you put in [15].

    As noted earlier, smoking, in particular, reduces ejaculation and sperm quality which could negatively affect your fertility, especially when attempting to conceive.

    3. Don’t Forget Your Water

    We earlier discussed how water affects the volume of sperm, but did you know water contributes to the overall taste of your semen? You may be wondering how this is possible as water doesn’t really have a “taste.”It’s due to how water helps cleanse the body of toxins. Those toxins, if not removed efficiently, may cause your semen to have an awful taste ranging from bitterness to excessive saltiness. Flushing out toxins may do your body and your ejaculate wonders and all you have to do is drink more water.

    4. Slow Down On Caffeine

    Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, caffeine in either will always taste bitter. Excessive caffeine intake could cause your semen to be bitter and I’m sure your partner would prefer their caffeine from a good cup of coffee or tea instead.

    Apart from the taste, sperm quality is also drastically affected if you’re a caffeine junkie according to this 2010 study.

    “High cola (>14 0.5-L bottles/week) and/or caffeine (>800 mg/day) intake was associated with reduced sperm concentration and total sperm count…High-intake cola drinkers had an adjusted sperm concentration and total sperm count of 40 mill/mL and 121 mill, respectively, compared with 56 mill/mL 181 mill (95% CI: 156, 210) in non-cola-drinkers, which could not be attributed to the caffeine they consumed because it was <140 mg/day.”

    Improving Ejaculation Projectile/Pressure

    Getting large volumes of semen out is already impressive enough, but some men also want to shoot it like a gun or a hose attached to a fire hydrant. Some women like it when they see guys release a geyser and they might even be impressed. For a lot of partners, the amount of semen produced is interpreted as the overall pleasure the man felt. Basically, more ejaculate = the other party’s performance was above average. It’s an ego thing when you think about it.

    Not only about sexual pleasure and skill, but a large volume of ejaculation seems to be attributed to how we view semen as a symbol of fertility and a man who is able to ejaculate with both volume and distance would seem healthier, younger, and more sexual.

    Despite how ejaculate distance is predetermined by genetics, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. We included a few tips on making sure you not only release a lot but with distance too.

    1. Water

    Water seems to be a general solution to sex problems. In conjunction with increasing semen volume and improving overall taste, the amount of water you take may also play a factor in how far it shoots. Basically, the more water you have, the more pressure you have in your penis and more ejaculate pressure leads to longer distances. It also helps if your penis is really, really erect since real stiff muscles around the penis allow for more pressure to build up.

    2. Kegels

    Kegel exercises are mainly used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles [16]. These muscles control urination and are really beneficial for pregnant women who are about to give birth. Little did they know, Kegels may also be used to increase ejaculation distance as similar muscles are activated when it comes to releasing urine or semen. Exercises that mainly involve stretching the muscles in the glutes and lower body may be considered Kegel exercises [17].

    Kegel exercises work by working out the muscles that control ejaculation and strengthening them. Stronger and tighter muscles mean better contractions and a load that shoots farther. As a bonus, Kegels may also help you last longer in bed.

    Basic Kegel Exercise Regimen

    For men, any exercise is always good to exercise when it comes to looking like a stud out to lay with a willing lady in bed and Kegels are no different. Here’s a simple Kegel regimen for you so you could improve not just your body, but your sex life too.

    1. Do kegel workouts at least three times a week, preferably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    2. Each day, work your pelvic floor muscles three times: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.
    3. For Each workout per day, do at least three sets of 20 reps for a total of 60 reps.
    4. Each rep should revolve around standard kegel squeezes and hold/squeeze for a few seconds.
    5. You should be doing 60 reps in the morning, 60 reps in the afternoon, and 60 reps in the evening three times a week for over 12 weeks. Then rest for 12 weeks. Rinse and repeat the rest of the year.

    After mastering Kegels, you should add some form of weight training for your penis in the form of hand towels. Start with the base and move upward towards the tip for more “resistance.” Gradually increase towel weight.

    Yeah, we know Kegels and that towel thing sounds weird and looks ridiculous, but it works.

    3. Supplements

    Using supplements to increase semen volume could indirectly contribute to enhancing semen projectile or pressure. Supplements such as ginseng, pygeum, tongkat ali, and maca are popular choices that may not only improve volume but also serves to boost energy and libido.

    We do have to warn you about supplements that claim unbelievable results as oftentimes those kinds of supplements are not just useless, but may harm your body. Any supplement that claims to boost ejaculate volume by X000% in a few days is a load of bullshit.

    4. Courses and Digital Products

    As mentioned previously, Shoot Ropes is a complete guide to increasing ejaculation volume and shooting distance. Inside, you will find detailed information about diet, supplementation, and exercises you can do that may improve your precious semen.

    Improving Fertility

    When you improve your sperm count and strength, you are also improving your ability to produce a child. This is very important to those who want to start a family and want to have a kid or two (or more!) running around the house. The tips provided in this guide all should lead to an increase in fertility. The only difference is that now you and your partner are aiming for a goal besides sexual pleasure.

    Just make sure you both know what you’re getting into and have the responsibility of real adults when it comes to raising kids.

    Wrapping it up

    Enhancing the ejaculate is both popular and healthy. Not only does it signify sexual prowess and overall masculinity, but it also represents your body’s reproductive potential and health. Improving the qualities of your ejaculate would definitely lead to better sex and a happier partner.

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