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    Helps regulate and support hormonal levels to promote sexual health, energy and stamina*†.

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    Gelatinized Peruvian Maca

    Nature’s Most Potent Energy and Libido Boost

    What Is Maca?

    Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is the root of a plant that grows in the fertile soils at high altitudes in the Andes in South America and it is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, alkaloids, and other phytochemicals. For centuries, Inca people have used maca due to the numerous benefits it provides. The Incas built one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, in the 15th century. This flagship of the Incan empire is a fortress made of stone that stands almost 2.5km above sea level. It is remarkable how the Incas carried tons of stone at that altitude. Some people believe it was thanks to their maca enriched diet. During the peak of the Incan civilization, legend has it that Incan warriors consumed maca as part of a ritual before going to battle. It was believed that this would make them ferociously powerful.

    Today, Maca Is Gaining Popularity As People Start
    To Experience The Wonders Of This Secret Incan Superfood

    Discover the Benefits of Maca

    Supports Sexual Health*

    Research shows that Maca has a positive effect on libido in healthy male subjects. *†

    In addition, Maca can improve semen quality and volume. *† Men with mild erectile dysfunction reported increased sexual well-being after taking Maca. *†

    Helps Regulate, Support and Balance Hormonal System*

    It is believed that Maca interacts with the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, and aids in regulating their balance. *† In women, other than libido, it is also used to combat menopausal symptoms. *†

    Increase Energy and Stamina*

    Randomized clinical trials have shown that maca has favorable effects on energy and mood. *† Furthermore, maca supplementation has shown to be effective in increasing sports performance. *†

    Why Choose Herbolab’s Peruvian Black Maca?

    Maca is a popular product, and you have certainly seen cheap maca that sells under $10 per bottle. However, Herbolab’s maca is one of the highest quality you will find. Here is why:

    1. Certified Maca From Peru, Not From China

    While the demand for maca worldwide keeps increasing, maca is being cultivated in other parts of the world, like the mountains in the Yunan province of China. However, these plants might not have the rich nutrient profile that Peruvian maca has as Chinese maca is not cultivated following high standards of traditional farmers. Furthermore, Chinese maca can be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides or adulterated has been reported in the past.

    2. Organic Maca

    Our maca is certified organic. This is important because organically grown vegetables contain as much as twice the amount of nutrition as compared to those grown in commercial farms. In addition, to ensure the highest quality you would want to avoid the chemical fertilizers and insecticides commonly used in such farmings.

    3. Unique Patented Gelatinization at Low Temperature

    Gelatinized maca is a form of maca powder that involves removing the starch of the maca resulting in a more concentrated maca form that is also more easy to digest and process in the body. Unlike other commercial preparations, our maca is gelatinized using a proprietary low-temperature process. By avoiding high temperatures, we are able to better preserve the nutrients. No other brand of maca can offer the same rich nutritional profile that our maca has.

    4. Made From Black Maca Roots

    Our maca is composed of 80% black and 15% purple roots. Study on rats show that black roots have a more pronounced positive effect on sperm quality and memory and learning than other varieties. Most other maca products are made of yellow roots, which are cheaper but do not posses the same health benefits.


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