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    Iodine Painting Protocol – Can Rubbing Iodine On Your Testicles Increase Testosterone

    Iodine Painting Protocol – Can Rubbing Iodine On Your Testicles Increase Testosterone

    Ever heard of the Iodine Painting Protocol?

    Admit it: the title was too good to pass up. I didn’t write that down just to get you to click on my article. No, what I’m here to tell you is probably one of the best-kept secrets about men and their sexual health. It involves what people call the “Iodine Testicle Painting Protocol.”

    Before we go further into Iodine Painting Protocol, we have to first know why iodine was chosen as the rubbing agent.

    Why not some other vitamin or mineral?

    It all starts with the thyroid.

    Boost Testosterone By Making Your Thyroid Happy

    As you know, the thyroid gland produces 3 hormones that control everything from your heart rate to your metabolism: T3 or triiodothyronine, T4 (thyroxine), and Calcitonin. Our body utilizes hormones in everything we do. From sleeping and eating to feeling happy and building muscle. Keeping your thyroid happy will definitely lead to a healthier body.

    Now, the key to making sure your testosterone is at its peak means you have to get your thyroid as optimized as possible. One of the many ways involves iodine consumption either by dietary means or supplementation. Why iodine? Let me answer that with another question: What happens when you don’t get enough iodine in your body?

    A condition called Goiter happens.

    The American Thyroid Association defines Goiter as the abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland. [1] A goiter may occur in a gland that is producing too much hormone (hyperthyroidism), too little hormone (hypothyroidism), or the correct amount of hormone (euthyroidism). A goiter indicates there is a condition present that is causing the thyroid to grow abnormally. One of the most common causes of goiter formation worldwide is iodine deficiency.

    Learn From Japan

    You don’t have to get a goiter to start supplementing iodine. While the US RDI for iodine is at a mere 150 micrograms per day for most adults – a level of iodine intake that prevents goiter, mental retardation, and all the associated problems with iodine deficiency – some alternative medicine doctors think this isn’t enough.

    In fact, some of these doctors require iodine intake up to milligram doses and they have a good reason for this and one of them is how old folks in Japan do it. [2] The Japanese, especially the elderly, reportedly take in as much as 3000 mcg or 3 mg of iodine per day. That’s up to 20 times the USDA recommendation.

    It’s common sense that elderly people eating a traditional Japanese diet are doing something right. They’re certainly a lot healthier than your average Americans. So considering a high consumption of iodine-rich seaweed is a distinctive feature of the traditional Japanese diet. It’s reasonable to suggest that may be a very high iodine intake is part of what makes Japanese diets so healthy.

    There are exceptions and potential adverse effects to this. Since the protocol involves applying directly to your testicles, where it will bypass a lot of other organs in the body, the risks are minimal. Not to mention you’ll only be applying a few drops at a time.

    What’s The Iodine Painting Protocol About?

    This iodine painting protocol is based on the idea of topical or transdermal supplementation. A form of magnesium oil, a mixture of magnesium chloride and water, currently dominates. The theory behind this form of supplementation is that transdermal applications bypass the digestive system, especially the liver.

    What happens is you get iodine to where it needs to be. Sure enough, the iodine you get in your diet may cover every inch of your body that needs it but by the time it reaches your testicles, it’ll only get scraps. In fact, there’s a chance that the iodine you eat may not even be absorbed very well and end up being flushed down the toilet. [3] This is where rubbing iodine comes in. [4]

    One study noted topical iodine application increased iodine bioavailability up to 7 times and this is just on the plain skin. [5] Imagine what happens when you directly rub it on your balls! It will be delivered to the prostate where it can relieve symptoms of low libido, and erectile dysfunction, and even help reduce an enlarged prostate! [6]


    This iodine painting technique is fairly new and as a specific technique, it remains untested in the clinical environment. All we can do is look at studies concerning iodine and testosterone and draw conclusions. If you are embarking on any new medication you are hoping will change your physiological makeup it is always best to do this with the assistance of a medical health professional. They can take blood to make sure that you are on the right track, for example measuring free testosterone levels every few months.

    If you are looking to try and conceive children you must be aware of one study carried out with rats. The rats with no thyroid issues were fed an iodine-rich diet. When the rats had their testosterone raised using iodine their testicular size increased but their sperm count decreased. Rats are genetically dissimilar from humans and it is rarely the case that the same cause and effect would occur in the same way in humans. However counterintuitive this may seem you may want to consider avoiding excess iodine consumption if you are already having issues conceiving children. [7] That being said humans who are seen to have iodine-rich diets like the Japanese are not known to have larger testicles and low sperm count! As with everything in biology, it is a complicated picture so always proceed with caution.


    If your body is healthy and if you’re not suffering from any pre-existing diseases then raising your testosterone with the use of iodine is a tried and tested method. [8] The science behind topical (skin) application instead of ingesting iodine is unclear with further testing required. However anecdotally many users of this technique give evidence that it works for them, and there is currently no contrary evidence to suggest the technique doesn’t work. The only problem you might encounter is a bit of prickly heat but it’s bearable. It’s like applying a bit of hot ointment for muscle pain. If you do it right, you should feel the results in a little over an hour. This might include you being very, very horny and will definitely help you make your girl very, very happy!

    If you’re a guy who wants to be as manly as possible, especially in bed, go out there and get some iodine for your balls! Follow the Iodine Painting Protocol!

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