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    Panax Ginseng: What’s Real and Reel Behind This Herb

    Panax Ginseng: What’s Real and Reel Behind This Herb

    Fact: erectile dysfunction is a serious issue, especially among men. Wherever you go, you will never meet a man who would go out and loud about his man down there’s difficult to get up. It is sad but true knowing that most of the men battling with Erectile dysfunction and similar sexual disorders are ashamed to talk about their problems and even ask for help. That is the main reason why it is so easy for Erectile dysfunction to lead to depression and even worse – the cause that has led to Erectile dysfunction in the first place such as hypogonadism to grow into something much worse and troubling. But they are in luck!

    Because of this, experts came up with tons of products that promise to make you a king inside the bedroom.

    Today, there is a variety of testosterone boosters and similar products that offer to increase your testosterone levels, treat your Erectile dysfunction, increase your libido and improve your sexual performance while your muscles grow bigger and leaner.

    However, it’s not just any male enhancement pill. You see because there are so many different brands offering their own version of a testosterone booster, the process of choosing the right one for you can become quite overwhelming. However, there is one little secret that you need to know and that will help you in the choice of the perfect testosterone booster! One very special ingredient that you need to look for in any promising testosterone booster.

    After years of research, experts found out that there are certain herbs that could make your guy cooperate in case the situation calls for it. One of these herbs is Panax ginseng. But Panax ginseng does not stop at increasing your testosterone levels and treating your low libido and Erectile dysfunction problems. No, no – Panax ginseng is one of those herbal supplements that can do it all! So let’s see what we mean when we say all, shall we?

    What is Panax Ginseng?

    Did you know that ginseng is considered the King of all herbs? Ginseng comes in a variety of forms according to their place of origin. One example of this is Panax ginseng.

    Also referred to as Korean ginseng, Panax ginseng is a type of herb used for medicine thousands of years ago. The plant looks like a human body, with two arms and two legs attached to it. It also has a yellow-green, umbrella-shaped flower that grows in the center and produces red berries.

    From the name itself, this herb is a native of Korea, although China and North America have their own versions as well. Korean ginseng and ginseng, in general, have tons of medicinal use. However, it needs to grow for at least five to six years before you can use it as a natural remedy.

    In fact, there are many different types of Ginseng that you need to know about including the Red ginseng, the American ginseng, the Korean ginseng, the Indian ginseng, and the Siberian ginseng as well. From these, it is the American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) that is most commonly recognized for its numerous medicinal benefits. [1]

    As soon as the Panax ginseng is ingested, it is chemically transformed when it comes in contact with your stomach acids, the present enzymes, and the bacteria present in your gut. By doing so, the Panax ginseng naturally increases your bio-availability. [2]

    Components of Panax Ginseng

    Although the red berries are tempting to eat, the root of Korean ginseng has the most nutrients you need. [3] The plant contains various vitamins and minerals such as A, B12, E, manganese, iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

    It also contains different kinds of saponins such as panaxosides and ginsenosides. The main component of the Panax ginseng is, of course, the ginsenosides. Currently, there are over 30 different ginsenosides that are isolated, but there are even more to be analyzed as well. [4]

    Ginsenosides may help balance blood sugar, stabilize blood pressure, and boosts your immune system among others. [5]

    The benefits of Taking Panax Ginseng

    Ginseng won’t be called the king of all herbs for no reason. Since it was first discovered in Manchuria, China 5,000 years ago and planted and harvested in Korea sometime in the 1900s, Panax ginseng became popular for its many benefits. This includes –

    Improves Erection.

    Korean ginseng will always be associated with sex, testosterone, and any matters involving the sheets. This includes erection.

    According to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Urology, there was an improvement in erectile performance and satisfaction after the participants took 900mg of Korean ginseng three times a day for two months. [6]

    Another study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology showed that men who took 1,000mg of Korean ginseng for three months had better erectile function. [7]

    It Gives Your Libido a Boost.

    Aside from solving erection issues, Panax ginseng is also known for giving your libido a boost. Consequently, it also has an effect on your testosterone, likewise giving it a boost.

    And as you may know, low testosterone levels result in a reduced libido among men. So by acting upon your low testosterone levels and increasing them naturally, the Panax Ginseng is able to boost your libido and sexual performance as well. In fact, you may remember when we mentioned Panax ginseng in the beginning about how it is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs along with Tongkat Ali, yet another natural supplement that you need to research more about.

    A study published in Panminerva Medica showed that taking Asian ginseng extract could increase free testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone. [8] Ginsenoside Rg1, an ingredient found in ginseng, is the one responsible for increasing serum testosterone levels. [9]

    It Improves the Quality of Your Sperm.

    Did you know that Korean ginseng could improve your sperm count and motility?

    In 1977, experts found out that ginseng extracts have stimulatory effects on DNA and protein synthesis in rat testes. [10]

    Since then, there are numerous studies, which prove that Panax ginseng helps improve sperm quality. [11] One study showed that Panax ginseng increases sperm number, density, and motility. Another recent study proves that ginseng enhances your libido and sexual performance while increasing sperm motility. [12]

    It Boosts Your Mental Performance.

    If you are feeling down and drowsy lately, maybe you need Panax ginseng to give you a boost. According to various studies, Asian ginseng improves one’s thinking and learning and helps boost performance such as memory, concentration, and mental arithmetic among others. In other words, it helps improve mental performance.

    It is an Antioxidant.

    Did you know that Korean ginseng is also an antioxidant? By nature, antioxidants help remove free radicals, which could damage your DNA and lead to serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

    According to studies, Asian ginseng, including Panax ginseng, decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Also, it keeps your heart healthy and prevents the proliferation of serious diseases.

    However, there are conflicting studies on the effect of Panax ginseng on your blood pressure. Until confirmed, it is best to stay away from this herb if you have issues with your blood pressure.

    Caveat: Panax Ginseng Side Effects

    Just like any other herb or ingredient, Korean ginseng also comes with side effects, especially when not taken properly. [13] The side effects could cause –

    • Difficulty in sleeping. This is the most common side effect of Korean ginseng.
    • A headache
    • Upset stomach
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Agitation
    • Increase in blood pressure
    • Irregular or fast heartbeat
    • Skin Irritations
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Mastalgia (breast pain)

    Allergic reaction with symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, rash, severe dizziness, and swelling. Allergic reactions are rare and in case this happens, make sure to consult a doctor.

    Before taking Korean ginseng regardless of whether it is in powder form, as a supplement, or taken as it is, it is important to consult your doctor and discuss the idea of adding this in your daily routine. This is important, especially if you are diagnosed with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, bleeding problems, and high or low blood pressure among others.

    If you are currently pregnant and/or breastfeeding, please consider talking to your doctor first before you proceed to take Panax ginseng. Although it is a herbal remedy, its effects during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period are yet to find out.

    If you are currently using any other medications, please consider talking to your doctor first before you proceed to take Panax ginseng. Although it is a herbal remedy, it is unknown whether or not it interacts with other medications and if so, what effects could be expected.

    Panax ginseng is a medicinal herb that offers many health benefits. However, this doesn’t mean it is exempt from side effects and possible complications.

    How to Take Panax Ginseng

    Korean ginseng comes in various forms to suit your needs. You can –

    • Boil the root in hot water, also called decoction
    • Grind the root and drink it as tea
    • Take the root in powder form
    • Take in capsule form. When you choose this option, make sure to follow what was written on the product package. Also, talk to a doctor about the right dosage and cycle. Usually, Korean ginseng is taken in cycles such as taking the supplement every day for two weeks only.


    Here are important things you need to remember when taking Panax ginseng, regardless of its form.

    • Take it in the morning. One of the side effects of this herb is difficulty in sleeping and taking it during bedtime could lead to sleep problems.
    • Take it easy on the dosage. Make sure to consult a doctor as to how much you could take.
    • Do not use it for more than three months.
    • Unless you can handle it, don’t take Korean ginseng together with alcohol. One of the side effects is dizziness or drowsiness and combining these two substances won’t work, especially when you need to perform activities that require focus and alertness.
    • Follow the instructions on the package carefully.
    • Do not take Korean ginseng in whatever form if you have cardiovascular issues
    • Children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women must not take Korean ginseng.

    Panax Ginseng vs. Tongkat Ali

    If you are having problems in the bedroom, then you must have come up to Tongkat Ali as a part of your research for the best testosterone and libido booster. The question is now – When it comes to matters inside the bedroom, what do you think is the best herb to take? Korean ginseng or tongkat ali?

    The answer depends on your needs. Keep in mind that your body responds differently compared to others. Therefore, the “best” herb to boost your testosterone levels and make you the man inside the bedroom depends on how your body responds to it.

    Both herbs are thoroughly studied and you could find information about these herbs online. The best way to go about it is to try both and see what works best for your body.


    Panax ginseng is yet another proof that Mother Nature looks after us, offering her help with each and every health issue that might be worrying you. Mainly focusing on treating low testosterone problems and acting like an aphrodisiac, Panax ginseng helps men all around the world to increase their testosterone levels and enhance their sexual stamina and libido. But that is not all when it comes to Panax ginseng.

    It also has a lot to offer to heart disease patients, people with a history or a risk of heart disease and heart attack, low immunity, high levels of oxidative stress, and many other beneficial effects as well. This powerful aphrodisiac should be a part of anyone’s low testosterone treatment if they are hoping to achieve the best results possible. And that is what motivated us to write today’s article. We hope that we have helped you to get all the information that you need about Panax ginseng to make the right choice and choose this quality natural supplement for you.

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