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    L-arginine is an α-amino acid that is commonly used in the biosynthesis of proteins in the body. It has been found to contain properties that may be beneficial for the management of hypertension, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and much more.

    Also, it has been found to be beneficial in supporting weight loss, and increasing immunity, plasma arginine, and oxygenation during exercise, amongst other things. There are many more benefits of l-arginine. To learn even more about them and how the α-amino acid works, read on for more information.

    What is L-arginine?

    There is no denying the fact that Amino acids are basic components in all cells and are essential for our health.

    L-arginine (Scientific name: (S)-2-Amino-5-guanidino pentanoic acid) is one of the twenty-one amino acids and is known as the building block that helps your body to produce protein.

    It is a chemical substance that is obtained from our diets, especially from the protein food items including all types of meat, beef, eggs, fish, poultry, and dairy products. As L-arginine is synthesized in the body, it is classified as non-essential amino acids in adults. However, in kids, the synthesis of l-arginine is understated and is considered as non-essential.

    Although it is produced in the body, it is still found in food and is also available as a supplement.

    The breakdown of L-arginine is known to release a number of active and powerful substances including-

    • Neurotransmitters like agmatine and glutamate,
    • Blood vessel dilators like nitric oxide, and
    • Storage molecules like creatine.

    L-arginine came into consideration as – In 1800’s, it was first isolated from animal horn as the “stereoisomer” of arginine.

    L-arginine has become a commonly used health supplement that was used for improving vascular health. It has also been used as a bodybuilding supplement and is promoted as a human growth supplement as well.

    Known as the most vital source of Nitric Oxide, it is essential for regulating blood pressure in both women and men, and for normal erectile functioning in males. And, as an amino acid, it is involved in the production of-

    • Insulin
    • Antidiuretic Hormone
    • Glucagon Hormone

    Not only this, it plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen and healing of wounds. It is also used for making creatine phosphate; a relatively popular supplement that people often turn to when they need to boost their muscle strength and endurance.

    According to Dr. Sarah Brewer- It is an amino acid that helps to dilate the arteries and maintain a healthy blood flow throughout the body.

    Benefits of L-arginine

    L-arginine has been associated with a long list of impressive health benefits.

    The amino acid has been linked to an improvement in sexual function and may also be useful in treating men with erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes and Health, an erection requires the relaxation of the cavernous muscle, which is actually triggered by the Nitric Oxide. [1]

    Here is a list of other common benefits observed from taking L-arginine supplements:

    Improves Sperm Health

    According to a study published in US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes of Health, L-arginine HCL might be able to improve the motility of spermatozoa without any side-effects. [2]

    During the study, the clinical efficiency of L-arginine was tested on 40 infertile men. All of them had a normal sperm count but faced the issue of decreased motility. The treatment included giving the men- 80 ml of 10% L-arginine daily for six months. The results yielded an improvement in sperm health without any visible side effects.

    According to other studies 1, 2, L-arginine along with Kallikrein and Indomethacin may be helpful in increasing sperm count and motility to some extent (with the dosage of 4g and 8g per day for three months). [3]

    Not only this but the use of a supplement that contains L-arginine as an active ingredient was able to increase the chances of pregnancy by approximately 20%. L-arginine is also known as the precursor in the synthesis of spermine, spermidine, and putrescine.

    Increases Oxygenation During Exercise

    As L-arginine is effectively known to improve blood flow, it helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the joint and muscle tissues.

    According to a study published in Physiology Org, it has been reported that supplementation of Nitric Oxide could increase plasma nitrite concentration and improves exercise tolerance in bodybuilders. And, dietary supplementation with L-arginine would also exhibit simpler responses.

    Though it doesn’t come with very substantial benefits for fighters, the supplements could be very beneficial for athletes. [4]

    The fighter should supplement if they have protein deficiency and suffer from the cardiovascular or other conditions that cause a restriction of blood flow.

    It may not be useful to supplement with L-arginine if you have a healthy diet and don’t have any symptoms of deteriorating cardiovascular conditions.

    Improves Cardiovascular Health

    L-arginine may improve the cardiovascular health [5] in a number of ways including-

    • Preventing high blood pressure [6]
    • Lowering cholesterol
    • Improving blood flow in people with clogged arteries
    • Reducing symptoms associated with claudication

    According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, intake of L-arginine by oral administration or infusion has been shown to induce peripheral vasodilatation, and improve the endothelium-dependent vasodilatation. [7] Also, due to its capability of platelet clumping, blocking arterial plaque build-ups, and increasing blood flow through the coronary artery, it plays an important role in the treatment of heart disease.

    For the people with the high-risk factors for coronary heart disease, L-arginine supplements serve as an effective measure for the prevention of heart attack or stroke.

    It also prevents the chest pains because the nitric oxide effects prevent the blood clots that cut off the blood supply. [8]

    Fights Inflammation

    Apart from aiding the sexual and heart health related issues, another primary benefit of L-arginine is fighting the inflammation. [9] It is known to have the free-radical scavenging capabilities because it affects several enzymes in the body.

    Not only this, it is commonly used in combination with antioxidants like Vitamin C and omega-3 supplements that help in the prevention of many chronic diseases. It also affects both your immune as well as the central nervous system to protect you against the external threats.

    Increases The Growth Hormone Levels

    According to a study in – Arginine invokes an increase in the concentration of growth hormones. [10]

    The point of this study was to determine the dose of L-arginine that shows optimal growth hormone response and the time course of the result.

    During the study, eight healthy males’ subjects were studies on four separate instances. Blood samples were taken every 10min5h. After every 30 minutes, the subject has ingested a dose of 5g, 9g, or 13g of arginine or placebo to the randomly assigned subjects. The mean resting values of 5g, 9g, or 13g day were 0.76, 0.67, and 2.0 micrograms per liter respectively. Integrated area under the curve was also not different with 13g, and hence, in conclusion, 5 and a 9g dose of arginine caused a significant growth hormone response.

    Increase Immunity

    Immune system protective cells- lymphocytes and T-cells are dependent on the arginine for defending the body.

    It is believed that there are certain immune system suppressor cells that might cause l-arginine deficiency or low levels of the amino acid circulating in the blood. So, L-arginine when combined with omega-3 fish oils and other supplements may reduce the risk of infections, improves wound healing, and also shortens the recovery time.

    It is sometimes added to ointment to treat wounds as-

    • It fights pain and swelling.
    • Help to promote blood circulation.
    • Forms proline that increases antioxidant activity and is important for collagen synthesis with skin.

    Apart from this, it may also be given to the patients that are healing from surgeries, infections or are undergoing chemotherapy.

    Increase In Plasma Arginine

    Low Arginine concentrations lead to various illnesses in children.

    In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National and Health, the relation between the concentration of arginine and severity of inflammation was found. [11] During the study, children with viral respiratory diseases, with accidental or surgical trauma were admitted in a pediatric intensive care unit.

    Arginine was found to be lower in a subject suffering from trauma as compared to the ones who were suffering from viral diseases. During their recovery, the citrulline and plasma arginine concentrations were increased and they were strongly related to the reduction in inflammation.

    So, as L-arginine supplementation in increases, it enhances the plasma insulin and helps build a stronger system. [12] They bring some hormonal changes and positively affect your metabolism by helping to build, repair, and maintain the foundation of muscle system.

    Helps In Weight Loss

    One of the most common benefits of L-arginine is for the people who wish to lose weight. Intake of L-arginine metabolizes the protein and resultantly decreases the amount of fat in the body. The nitrogen balance is improved in the body because the body becomes capable of converting the protein into the muscle mass. [13]

    Other than this, L-arginine is also used for improving kidney function after a transplant, common cold, pre-eclampsia, and for improving the athletic performance. [14]

    It may also be used in combination with a number of OTC and prescription medications for various conditions. It can be used with ibuprofen for migraine headaches; with conventional drugs for breast cancer; and with amino acids for weight loss in people with AIDS. Also, you may use it with fish oil for improving the recovery time, wound healing, and reducing the infections.

    Benefits of L-arginine For Women

    L-arginine supplements have been shown to enhance many aspects of female sexuality including arousal, production of cervical mucus, and an increase in blood circulation throughout the body.

    Improved Fertility And production of Cervical Mucus

    Abnormal production of mucus contributes to the various challenges that are faced by women dealing with fertility issues. The increased blood flow caused by the intake of L-arginine is known to be helpful in the production of cervical mucus.

    There are some women who do not produce enough mucus and other produce in such a manner that is too thick for sperm to travel through. So, L-arginine encourages a better production through the blood flow.

    For increased fertility, 16g of dosage is recommended. This dosage has been used on various subjects, and it has resulted in an increase in pregnancy rate, ovarian response, and endometrial receptivity. [15]

    But, before you start with L-arginine, consult your doctor for a prescribed consumption.

    Improves Reproductive Health

    Increased blood flow really translates to improved reproductive health.

    L-arginine allows better blood circulation to ovaries that result in optimum egg production. And, the increased flow in the uterus helps create a better environment for the implantation of the fertilized egg. It augments the better function

    How Does L-arginine Work?

    L-arginine is first converted in the body into a chemical known as the Nitric Oxide. The NO is a powerful transmitter that helps the blood vessels to relax and improve the circulation.

    It causes blood vessels to dilate, which stimulates the release of insulin, growth hormone, and other substances in the body.

    It is safe for most people when taken by mouth, used as a shot, or applied to the skin.

    L-Arginine Is Best For Erectile Dysfunction

    L-arginine helps to treat Erectile Dysfunction, but it is not a pill for ED. Instead, it just helps in the relaxation of the cavernous muscle, which leads to the normal erections. [16], [17], [18]

    Relationship Between L-arginine And L-citrulline

    L-citrulline and L-arginine are two amino acids that come with the different therapeutic uses.

    The relationship between the two exists as L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine once it goes inside the body. According to a study published in – Arginine is converted into nitric oxide by leaving L-citrulline as a byproduct. [19]

    But being a precursor to L-arginine, L-citrulline is used for the same condition as that for L-arginine, in addition to being used as a sports supplement.

    L-arginine works by increasing the nitric oxide levels in the blood. Higher content of nitric oxide levels dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation throughout the body. Known as the essential amino acid, our body manufactures its normal supply. While L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid, and can only be synthesized from other nutrients.

    Although L-citrulline deficiencies are unlikely to occur; their supplements are promoted for uses like enhancing the athlete’s performance. The citrulline dosage ranges between 6 to 18 grams and is often sold in the form of citrulline malate.

    Benefits of L-arginine And L-citrulline

    The benefits of L-arginine include its ability to help the body to produce and synthesize the proteins. Along with this, it assists in the production of natural sterols, and growth hormones, which allows the muscles to rebuild and enlarge after a workout.

    The supplement is known to reduce cortisol which controls the stress levels in the body. It also improves the immunity of your body and reduces the recovery time of the injuries and surgeries.

    L-citrulline is basically for muscle weakness, sickle cell disease, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and high blood-pressure. It is also used for bodybuilding, heart diseases, and improving the athlete’s performances.

    The main benefits of L-citrulline include its ability to reduce the body fat levels. Also, the way it maintains ATP energy as it drops off drastically during a hard core workout. Apart from this, it acts as a vasodilator as it reduces the blood pressure levels by expanding and opening the blood vessels.

    For the strength and weight athletes, L-citrulline supplement helps by releasing the nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide starts with building the proteins and then re-forms the muscles that have been torn down from the intense training. It acts in the urea cycle and removes the lactic acid, which is produced as the muscles become tired.

    According to a study published in Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research May 2010, Citrulline relieves the muscle soreness and enhances the athletic anaerobic performance. [20] It is known as one of the most effective pre-workout products as provides 6 grams of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio of L-citrulline to malate. By using this formula, there is enough L-citrulline for pumping and exerting greater energy.

    Also, in another study, it has been suggested that intake of L-citrulline alleviates fatigue and boosts the performance during the high-intensity exercises. According to this research, the concentration of ammonia is increased in skeletal muscle during the high-intensity exercise. [21] And, the main aim was to study the effect of L-citrulline on performance during the intense workouts. A swimming exercise protocol was created in which the mice were subjected to swim with the 5% of weight. The supplementation was significantly increased during swimming till the mice were exhausted. As the amount of L-citrulline improved in the body, the exercise-induced ammonia and lactate was suppressed simultaneously. This happens because Citrulline detoxifies ammonia and starts inhibiting additional glycolysis.

    At last, the research suggests the Citrulline supplementation is useful for improving the workout performance of athletes.

    L-Arginine vs L-Citrulline

    After knowing the benefits of both L-arginine and L-citrulline, the main question among the bodybuilders and athletes is- which is better for increasing the nitric oxide levels.

    Early pre-workout supplements were packed only with the L-arginine due to the amino acid’s numerous benefits. However, in the recent years, there has been an industry-wide shift towards citrulline as it is more effective in increasing the plasma arginine levels. It has also been found that a dosage of just 3 grams of L-citrulline produced an increase in the nitric oxide and L-arginine levels.

    This happened because the process of breaking down L-citrulline passes the liver. And, if you consume L-arginine directly, the amino acid gets processed and broken down in the liver by enzyme arginase. It first gets oxidized into N-hydroxy arginine, which is further converted to L-citrulline with the release of Nitric Oxide.

    There is no stepping back from the fact that both L-citrulline and L-arginine are nitride oxide boosting elements. But, it has been known that L-citrulline comes as more effective at a lower dosage.

    L-arginine Efficacy

    Although L-arginine is not a well-known supplement in most parts of the world, but according to various studies, it is one of the established herbal supplements to treat ED.

    Read These Case Studies

    Case Study 1 – US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes Of Health (2003)

    Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction With Pycnogenol And L-arginine

    During the research, the possibility of overcoming erectile dysfunction by increasing the amount of Nitric Oxide was investigated. [22] For the observation, researchers orally administered Pycnogenol as it is known to increase the production of NO by nitric synthase it together with L-arginine as a substrate for this enzyme. Throughout the period of three months, the subjects received a drinkable solution, which was equal to 1.7 gm of L-arginine per day. But, during the second months, they were supplemented with the additional 40 mg Pycnogenol, and during the third month, the dose was increased to three 40 mg Pycnogenol tablets.

    Results: After one month of treatment with L-arginine, only 5% of the people experienced a normal erection. But, treatment with the combination of L-arginine along with the Pycnogenol for the same month increased the number of men with the restored sexual abilities. And finally, after the third month of treatment, the subjects started experiencing a normal erection. Hence, the study concluded that the L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol for three months causes a significant improvement in sexual function in men with ED without any noticeable side effects.

    Case Study 2 – US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes Of Health (1994)

    L-arginine And Male Infertility

    According to the study published in US National Library Of Medicine National Institutes of Health, L-arginine HCL showed to be able to improve the motility of spermatozoa without any side-effects. [23]

    During the study, the clinical efficiency of L-arginine was tested on 40 infertile men. All of them had a normal number of sperm count but faced the issue of decreased motility. The treatment included giving the men- 80 ml of 10% L-arginine daily for six months. The results exhibited an improvement in sperm health without any visible side effects.

    According to other studies 1, 2, L-arginine along with Kallikrein and Indomethacin are known to increase sperm count and motility to some extent (with the dosage of 4g and 8g per day for three months.)

    How To Take L-arginine?

    Our body requires all the essential non-amino acids and amino acids to function properly. All amino acids should be consumed in a balanced way, and the consumption of L-arginine is no different.

    L-arginine Dosage

    The recommended dosage for L-arginine is dependent on whether you are taking it as prescribed medicine or you are taking it yourself as a health supplement. However, there is no standard dosage of L-arginine. Various studies use different amounts of the different medical conditions. The most common dose ranges from 1-3 grams, and the effects of lower and higher have not been studied yet.

    The clinically effective dose of L-arginine is considered to be about six grams. And, in case, if you prefer a higher dose, five to seven grams is the highest in single doses. This dosage is recommended because using three grams or less of this supplement doesn’t tend to show many benefits.

    For those who simply wish to get healthy with L-arginine, the recommended short-term dosage is approximately 500 mg. The long-term effects of the arginine are not clear, and neither has been taking into notice yet.

    Interactions And Contradictions

    L-arginine supplementation is considered safe to use when it comes to the short-term usage. While the absolute contraindications have not been identified, it is not recommended for pregnant women, people at the risk of heart attack, asthma, and blood pressure.

    • Interactions with the body: L-arginine has unpredictable effects on the cholesterol-lowering agents and insulin.
    • Toxicities: High concentrations of Nitric Oxide are considered toxic to the brain tissue.
    • Chemical Imbalance: L-arginine is an amino acid, so it is most likely to affect the chemical and electrolyte levels. Higher dosages increase the body’s production of creatinine, chloride, and potassium. So, those who are suffering from kidney problems are susceptible to these changes and should never supplement themselves without any recommendations.
    • Allergic reactions: Some people experience various allergic reactions like anaphylaxis to L-arginine. The symptoms include swollen eyes, skin rashes, and itching.

    You should also not consume L-arginine if you suffer from any kind of disease or infections. Because none of the studies have proved that L-arginine comes as a safe supplement for everyone. It is also not recommended for the women who are nursing or pregnant.

    L-arginine Side Effects

    Due to its ability to dilate the blood vessels, low blood pressure may occur. The other side effects are-

    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea
    • Low potassium and high nitrogen levels may occur in patients with liver or kidney impairment.
    • Swollen eyes
    • Skin Rashes

    If you experience any other side effects after the intake of L-arginine, consult a doctor or discontinue its usage.

    L-arginine FAQ

    What Exactly Is L-arginine?

    L-arginine is one of the twenty-one amino acids that help your body to produce protein. It is a chemical substance that is obtained from our diets, especially from the protein food items. As L-arginine is synthesized in the body, it is classified as non-essential amino acids in adults. However, in kids, the synthesis of l-arginine is considered as non-essential.

    Although it is produced in the body, it is still found in food and is also available as a supplement.

    How Do I Take L-arginine?

    If you want to start the dosage of L-arginine, it is recommended that you should approximately take 2-3 grams with a minimum of 50 ml of water. To increase the rate of absorption into your body, consume it empty stomach.

    In some cases, doctors recommend supplemental L-arginine. People with burns, infections, and malnutrition might need L-arginine supplements.

    How Does L-arginine Works?

    L-arginine is first converted in the body into a chemical known as the Nitric Oxide. The NO is a powerful transmitter that helps the blood vessels to relax and improve the circulation. It causes blood vessels to dilate, which stimulates the release of insulin, growth hormone, and other substances in the body.

    Is L-arginine An ED Pill?

    No. It does not contain any elements for Erectile Dysfunction.

    What Are The Benefits of L-arginine?

    The main benefit of L-arginine is the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Other benefits include improved production of cervical mucus; improves women’s reproductive health, and cardiovascular health. It also helps fight inflammation and improves the immune system of your body.

    Can I take L-arginine With Other Medications Such As Diabetes, Cholesterol, And High Blood Pressure?

    We cannot give you medical advice regarding your current medication and L-arginine. If you are taking any kind of medications, we recommend consulting your doctor as some of the prescription drugs can interact with it.

    Can L-arginine Help Me With Weight Loss?

    Yes. Intake of L-arginine metabolizes the protein and resultantly decreases the amount of fat in the body. The nitrogen balance is improved in the body due to which the body becomes capable of converting the protein into the muscle mass. [24]

    What Are The Types of L-arginine?

    L-Arginine comes in three types namely-

    L-Arginine- L-arginine is an amino acid that is known to produce enzymes, proteins, and biochemicals such as Nitric Oxide and more. Nitric Oxide increases the blood flow to your body, stimulates the blood vessels to dilate, and helps in many health related issues in both men and women. From inflammation to migraines, heart and sexual health issues, it is known to relax the blood vessels and combat the symptoms of many other diseases.

    Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG)- Alpha-Ketoglutarate is known as the salt of arginine and Alpha-Ketoglutarate acid. Known as the body-building supplement, it amplifies the benefits of nutritional supplements and exercise. When taken as a supplement, it enters the Krebs cycle and produces energy, amino acids in a large component of muscles.

    L-Arginine HCl- Arginine HCL is a synthetically manufactured form of Arginine that combines amino acid with HCl molecule and can be found in either powder or capsule form. It is mainly used by the athletes to increase the blood flow and oxygen delivery during the workout.

    Which Is Best Type of L-arginine?

    L-Arginine is mostly available in the form of L-arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate or simply as an acid without any other molecules attached to it.

    According to the studies 3, 4; the L-A-AKG exhibits the same benefits and properties as shown by the L-arginine itself. Because there are instances proved that sometimes it works and the other times it doesn’t. L-arginine HCL and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate do not seem to increase the reliability, so L-arginine works the best in all cases.

    What Are The Side Effects of L-arginine?

    Due to its ability to dilate the blood vessels, low blood pressure may occur. Diarrhea and Nausea have been reported infrequently. Also, low potassium and high nitrogen levels may occur in patients with liver or kidney impairment.

    Is L-arginine Vegetarian Safe?

    Yes. L-arginine is a free form of arginine. It is a non-essential amino acid that is a central part of the urea cycle and a component in many proteins.

    For How Long Do I Need To Take L-arginine?

    The long term effects of L-arginine are not known yet. You may take supplement according to your considerations or consult your doctor before you start to build or change the routine.

    Where Is L-arginine Produced?

    L-arginine is a chemical block that is obtained from your diet. It is also found in poultry, red meat, fish, and can also be made in the laboratory.

    Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Take L-arginine?

    No. This supplement is obtained from your diet and is produced from fish, red meat, and poultry.

    Is L-arginine Suitable For Women?

    L-arginine comes as a beneficial supplement for both men and women. In the case of women, it is known to regulate blood pressure, improve reproductive health and fertility.

    Is There A Chance That I Won’t Experience Its Benefits From L-arginine?

    Yes. L-arginine supplementation is not a miraculous cure, and we also don’t sell it in that way as well. Mainly, it has proven efficacy for Erectile Dysfunction and the reproductive health of both men and women. But it might disappoint you if you have unreasonable expectations.

    Is There Anything That I Should Take Apart From L-arginine?

    While L-arginine has the potentials to help you treat Erectile Dysfunction naturally with proven benefits, you can also take additional supplements on your physician’s device.

    Is L-arginine Recommended For A Healthy Young Man?

    Apart from ED, many other benefits are derived from the consumption of L-arginine supplementation. It is recommended for a healthy young man if you are looking for benefits in regards to endurance, cardiovascular health, and inflammation.

    Can Diabetics Use L-arginine?

    Diabetes makes it hard for blood vessels to relax. The disease essentially creates competition for L-arginine, and scientists think this problem can be resolved in diabetics with another amino acid, L-citrulline, and with a type of cholesterol medication. Studies are needed to confirm this, however.

    Do You Sell L-arginine In Any Other Form Than Capsules?

    At the moment we only sell capsules. We do not sell powder in bulk, or in another concentration, or any raw material.

    L-arginine Buying Guide

    As L-arginine is currently not produced by a large number of pharmaceutical companies, so it is less likely to be available as a quality supplement.

    Here are several things that you need to consider before buying L-arginine.

    • The reputation of the company: It is quite important that you are purchasing supplements from an established and trustworthy company. Either they should be serving in this field for many years, or they should be equipped with the government tested and certified manufacturing facilities. Before you make the purchase, make sure that the brand is trustworthy and has a registered certification.
    • Amount of L-arginine per serving: In the world of supplements, it is essential that you know the effective dose of a particular supplement. For the case of best L-arginine, anything less than 5gm is not considered as an effective dose.
    • Addition of Agmatine: There are manufacturers who may use Agmatine instead of L-arginine in the supplement. Agmatine is a chemical derivative of the L-arginine that acts as a neurotransmitter in your body. It is important to ensure that what ingredients are actually used in the manufacturing of supplement.
    • Added amino acids, vitamins, and other ingredients: In some of the L-arginine supplements, there are additional vitamins and amino acids that enhance the benefits of the arginine supplements. This addition can come as a major benefit to some people, but if you are looking for a pure product, then spare a look to the additives.

    Where To Buy L-Arginine?

    L-arginine is available in various health and fitness stores, and online websites. You can get it from various websites like Amazon and Nutrition Express.

    If you are purchasing online, make sure you buy from the legitimate websites so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

    How To Avoid Fake L-arginine?

    Before your purchase L-arginine, you should do thorough research on the company that sells L-arginine.

    For research, you need to ask yourself these questions-

    Are They A Registered Company?

    There are plenty of sellers online, and it does not mean they should not be registered for every country. Never buy from an unregistered business as they might provide you with fake products or run with your money.

    Do They Answer Questions About Their Product?

    Never be afraid to ask questions. If you want the best product, ask where do they manufacture it; does health authority know about it and what is the proof of its quality.

    Are They Making Any Suspicious Claims?

    L-arginine is a natural cure. There are manufacturers who make claims like works in thirty minutes, guaranteed to work, but there is no such herbal product that gives instant results.

    So, it is best to research before buying it.


    The bottom line is – when it comes to L-arginine supplementation, it is best to use these supplements when you want to enhance Nitric Oxide in your body. Though Citrulline comes as a better choice; there are many nitric oxide boosters like agmatine, dietary nitrates that will come up on the list.

    oning of reproductive organs, and may also improve the chances of conception.

    Apart from these benefits, L-arginine also leads to an increased Libido in both men and women. In men, increased blood flow results in sustained erections and in women, it can lead to increased orgasm and sexual arousal.

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